ChatGPT In Healthcare And Wellness Marketing

Updated on May 2, 2023

Traditionally, there have only been two main methods of marketing for chiropractors and other businesses in the health and wellness space: direct mail advertising via snail mail, or community outreach through screening events and the like. However, even though these methods might have been effective in the past, they have since become obsolete as they cost too much time and money for too little effect and ROI.

A new paradigm of marketing

Today’s chiropractors and other health and wellness practitioners should turn to digital marketing as the primary means of getting the word out about their businesses. These days, success in marketing is about staying relevant with patients. Practices that refuse to embrace this new digital paradigm that now defines the industry risk becoming obsolete as their competitors embrace this shift and

The tool that has shown the most potential to completely revolutionize the marketing industry is the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT. Launched by OpenAI in November 2022, ChatGPT is designed to follow a prompt and provide a detailed response. Although the accuracy of some of its responses has been called into question, leaders in several industries have praised its utility in helping them complete both simple and more complex tasks.

One of the most interesting things about ChatGPT as a tool is that its applications are virtually limitless. With the right prompt, ChatGPT can be taught to do almost anything, by almost anyone, for almost any purpose. Although there are certain considerations that chiropractors and other health and wellness practitioners must take into account — such as ethical issues — there are several ways to implement this technology that can make operations much more efficient.

How marketers can use ChatGPT

The first way many chiropractors — as well as other businesspeople in the health and wellness space — are using ChatGPT for marketing purposes is to create blog posts. Writing blog copy can be a time-consuming task, and for many health and wellness business owners, writing likely isn’t their strong suit. Inputting certain commands and specifications to ChatGPT can return a blog post that is informed by data and research, and targeted to the business’s specific audience. Although the copy it produces will be imperfect, the process of revising and fact-checking the blog post generated by ChatGPT is far easier and quicker than drafting one from scratch.

Similarly, ChatGPT can be effective in creating social media copy for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. These platforms have massive, engaged audiences and their reach grows in leaps and bounds every day. Creating effective and engaging content for social media is both an art and a science, requiring the use of the right keywords and hashtags for audiences to find and interact with the content. AI programs like ChatGPT can pull from a history of successful posts to create what is essentially a formula for success.

ChatGPT can also be valuable in generating materials for more direct forms of marketing, such as referral campaigns. Although referral strategies may seem somewhat self-explanatory, an effective referral campaign is much more involved than it may seem. Copy must be created not only to attract prospective patients, but also to attract current patients, who will become the referrers generating leads.

A reactivation strategy can also be effectively generated using ChatGPT. An effective reactivation strategy might use SMS messages — designed to look like personal messages from the doctor or practitioner — inviting the patient to return to the office for a check-in visit and emphasizing the importance of continuing care. After some tweaks to ensure that messaging is consistent with overall initiatives, this copy can be used to message patients.  

Ultimately, the goal of using tools such as ChatGPT for marketing is to make life easier for chiropractors and other leaders in the health and wellness space to help grow their practices. Marketing a business often requires significant resources, and for a chiropractor or other practitioner, it means distracting them from their primary purpose of providing care for their patients. By using such tools, health and wellness business owners can spend more time on the patient experience, ensuring retention of any new patients converted through these lead generation strategies.

Digital marketing is absolutely essential for chiropractors and other owners of health and wellness businesses, but it no longer has to be a complicated, time-consuming process. With tools such as ChatGPT in their arsenal, creating digital marketing materials, strategy, and copy can become a much more intuitive process.

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Gill Valerio

Gill Valerio is Founder of Elevate Marketing Solutions.