Changes in Health Care Following COVID-19

Updated on November 18, 2020

We have adapted to the new normal”, this is one phrase that everyone is saying these days. And indeed, COVID-19 pandemic has bought a drastic change in the lives of human beings. Every single living life on earth is affected by the changes that the pandemic bought. The things that were thought to be impossible have been implemented.  

Could the entire human race be caged for almost 6 months? The thought sent shivers down the spine but the pandemic made it possible. For the sake of their own lives and the lives of their living ones, people stayed indoors and tried to fight the pandemic in the best possible way.

However, due to schools and colleges being shut down for a while, the pandemic also caused changes or disruption in the study schedule of many teenagers. If you too happen to be one among them, then worry not, assignment help is always available at your service. 

Moreover, there is one arena that saw the maximum change and that is the ‘healthcare sector’. The changes that happened in the healthcare sector were drastic and magnanimous. The healthcare sector has been working, is working and will be working in a way that was never expected. 

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From consulting, treating patients online to mandatory tests before entering the hospital, from minimal people being with the patients to the optimum facilities for healthcare workers, the healthcare improved drastically. 

So, here are a few changes that are notable in the healthcare sector following the COVID-19 pandemic:

Online consultation and treatment

Getting treated by a doctor on a phone call or video call was an unimaginable thing. But the pandemic made it possible. Patients consulted doctors with online tools and adapted to this responsive approach. 

Patient’s problems were understood via photos and videos, and treatment was given via the same medium. Even consultations for skincare, physiotherapy sessions which could never be thought of as virtual have successfully adapted to the new platform. 

Even the fussy patients who wanted every little thing to be consulted by the doctor, had to get patient and satisfy themselves with the online treatment. Of course, the emergencies were allowed in-hospital treatment, but the visits that could be avoided were faithfully avoided.

Centralization of Healthcare Data

This was one of the most important changes that happened in the healthcare sector. The entire healthcare data was collaborated and placed at the center of the healthcare ministry. They had data of the entire country and people affected with any disease. This really bought a transformation in the health department. 

Every patient was reported on a daily basis with or without COVID-19 symptoms. Even the mortality rate was recorded. This showed that the health sector could also be centralized. As the data was received and handled centrally, the provisions of healthcare equipment, medicines, Medicare, etc. were also allotted by the center as per the needs. 

No doubt, the central ministry had health data before the pandemic, but to act accordingly and make provisions according to the current status was a new thing. Moreover, due to the data collected, the health ministry was also able to update itself about the current status of healthcare systems in various states and regions.

Importance to healthcare workers

The healthcare workers deserve a salute and they got one. Everyone respected, honored and applauded them for their service to mankind. Their efforts were commendable and they cannot be put in words. 

This pandemic made the healthcare workers work day and night. Many were not allowed to go home or meet their loved ones. But in turn, they were taken good care of. High-quality equipment, gloves, PPE kits, masks were instantly provided to the healthcare workers. 

From their basics necessities to giving them proper rest everything was taken care of. The government’s contribution and initiatives taken for the welfare of these health workers were tremendous. The health workers were renamed as ‘Frontline Warriors’ and they truly were.

Now even if the pandemic gets under control, these healthcare workers including, doctors, nurses, chemists, sanitary workers, housekeeping for hospitals and everyone related will be looked upon and treated with immense respect.

Medical Services have become affordable

Medical surgeries and treatments have costs that touch sky high. You cannot even think of treatment without insurance. But thankfully the pandemic changed it all. People were forced to opt for methods to avoid visiting hospitals. 

So, online consultation took its place. Online consultations and sessions were comparatively cheaper than physically going to the hospital. Plus COVID-19 testing, everyday evaluation, became cheaper as the government wanted more and more people to get tested.

The medicines, blood tests, masks, and other equipment also became considerably cheaper for everyone to afford. These rates will now hopefully remain the same and medical services which are one of the basic services would be affordable to everyone.

To conclude,

The pandemic has taught us a new way of living and has affected every sector. The con of the pandemic is the pandemic itself but the things it has taught have changed the entire living ways of mankind.

Moreover, the changes that have been brought in the healthcare sector are explicit. This shift from physical consultant to everything going online is a tremendous change and should not be taken for granted. 

Every pandemic from plague to measles, from malaria to this COVID-19, has taught us that healthcare systems cannot be stagnant, they need change. This change is of prime importance in evolving times. Hence, the change in healthcare due to the pandemic has been made for good and we all pray that it sustains.

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