Can I Take a Sleeping Pill and Melatonin?

Updated on January 19, 2022

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by our brain and it functions to regulate our sleep cycles. This hormone is usually secreted in reaction to the darkness of night. It works simultaneously with our circadian rhythm and maintains our sleep cycles. 

Melatonin is known to be an important hormone in site managers our sleep patterns and it is quite necessary otherwise the person may suffer from insomnia and excessive release of melatonin can cause Hypersomnia. 

Maintenance of proper balance is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sudden changes in the levels of melatonin can disrupt your sleeping cycle and amplify your health problems.

What is a sleeping pill? 

As the name suggests, the sleeping pill is known to be useful for the person who is suffering from insomnia. Sleeping pills are also known as CNS derivatives. People who suffer from a sleep disorder consume sleeping pills.

It helps us cope with the disease and thus it is useful as a tranquilizer also. People with sleeping disorders consume sleeping pills usually recommended by doctors. In any case, it is better to seek the advice of a doctor or a medical practitioner because it may have side effects on your body and brain.

How does melatonin work?

Melatonin is a hormone that is present internally in the human body.  Melatonin regulates the sleep cycle. It is believed that in the presence of light melatonin levels are less and in darkness, the brain coordinates with the melatonin hormone and it increases sleepiness.

Some people suffer from insomnia due to various reasons like jet lag sleep disorder due to multiple working shapes and low levels of melatonin. These people are told to consume melatonin in the form of melatonin pills. 

It is available in a derivative that we can keep under the tongue. It gets directly absorbed into the body and helps people cope with insomnia and sleep disorders.

How does a sleeping pill work?

People usually prefer a sleeping pill when suggested by doctors. As a sleeping pill, melatonin is referred to when a person is suffering from insomnia or high blood pressure levels due to which sleep disorders occur. Sleeping tablets melatonin results in a feeling of sleepiness.

Everybody is different and its effect varies on every individual however when a person consumes a sleeping pill he might feel drowsiness and sleepiness in the beginning and sleep for a certain period. People prefer natural melatonin as its sedatives trigger our CNS and we sleep after consuming it.

Can a person take a sleeping pill along with melatonin?

A sleeping pill is usually taken as a sedative of tranquilizers. Melatonin is taken to retain the equilibrium of a hormone titled melatonin. 

Having sleeping pills along with melatonin can cause too much sleepiness and it can hamper your work routine. The interaction of melatonin with sleeping pills may arise in your body and it may respond negatively or in a toxic way. 

What are the side effects which occur when you consume melatonin and a sleeping pill?

Overdosing harms us:

Melatonin is produced in our body naturally however there lack of melatonin in our body results in the unnatural consumption of melanin from the mouth. A sleeping pill is recognized to be a sedative that results in sleepiness and drowsiness. Going beyond limits for something proves to be deadly for our bodies. Eating up sleep derivatives beyond the threshold may lead to death.

It has multiple side effects:

Everybody responds differently and has a distinct reaction to every medicine. It relies upon our immunity and how it counters particular things when consumed. But over dozing off something has numerous side effects on the body. Sometimes it is speculated that when we overdose on medicine it results in organ failure.

It has an immediate reaction on our skin:

Whatever the problem may be, our skin is the first part of our body that responds and gives an indication that something is wrong. Since everybody responds differently, overdosing occasionally leads to the darkness of skin. Our skin becomes pale in colour and consequences are seen in the form of dullness.

It will prove to be fatal if you are a diabetic patient:

A person who is suffering from diabetes is at a higher risk of getting affected by smaller things due to lower immunity. Consuming something which is not proven to be proper will respond to be fatal if you are a diabetic patient.

 It has very low immunity and is affected very easily by several diseases. Make sure you seek the advice of your doctor or a medical practitioner whom you believe before consuming a mixture of sleep derivatives. 

It may prove to be nauseating:

It’s quite familiar for a person to feel nauseating and experience clumsiness after waking up since the person has consumed a sleeping pill. However, when you combine it with melatonin it may prove to be a higher level of sleep derivative for your body and cause dizziness and result in a nauseating feeling. Herbal sleeping pills are widely preferred as a sleep derivative.

It may react with your blood:

When medicines don’t suit your body they react with your blood as we all know that our blood is alkaline. Sometimes when medicines don’t suit us or we are dehydrated while taking some of the injections it turns to be acidic. After that, it is not possible to bring back our blood into the alkaline medium. So before consuming anything you need to take the advice of your doctor.


Melatonin is responsible for our circadian rhythm and the internal system of our body. A sleeping pill is known to be a CNS depressant or a sedative that is used when someone is deprived of sleep due to multiple reasons. Taking melatonin and a sleeping pill together may interact with each other and harm your body.  

Sometimes it doesn’t harm some people, results may vary from person to person. If you are someone who is confused about whether a person should consume sleeping pills with melatonin or not you can have a sigh of relief because you will get all your answers in the above blog.

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