Where To Buy Kratom for Sale

Updated on September 24, 2023

A tropical evergreen tree of the coffee family, Kratom has taken the world by storm. With its excellent medical benefits, it has become the best go-to medicine for various ailments.
Similar to kava, which is made from the roots of a plant as opposed to the leaves, the plant produces an enjoyable high and can offer some real benefits. From relieving chronic pain, inflammation to overcoming fatigue, Kratom has proven itself to be useful all these years. You probably already know about all of this.

Also, you might be aware of the fact that procuring Kratom is a bit tricky. It is native to South Asia, but there are places near you that keep it. We will help you look at the right places. Read on to know more. 

While several people rely on Kratom and its healing powers, it has not been trusted by the authorities enough to sell it like any other medicine.

It’s not an illegal product, but you won’t find it in a drug store. This is because it is currently not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can get it without any hassle if you simply know where to look. 

The Kratom is available in capsules, powders, crystals, and various other forms. Low dosages can have healing effects but the high doses work as a depressant, and it can even lead to an OD. This is one of the reasons Kratom is not sold openly in stores. 

Best Quality Kratom Vendors to Buy From

Here are some reliable sites that sell good quality Kratom and have been in the business for a long time now. The online sites compete with each other to enhance their product quality, prices, and other factors.

#1. Kats Botanicals:

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This company harvests the Kratom for its products on its own in Indonesia. The Kratom used is organic with a bit of an unpleasant smell. These products are in the form of Crystals, raw leaf extracts, powders, stem and vein powdered extracts, etc. These extracts are tested in third-party labs to ensure their safety for usage. 

It sells affordable Kratom strains and even some CBD products if you need them. One drawback is that the website goes ‘out of stock’ soon, so you have to go for other options. 

#2. Kraken Kratom:


It is one of the leading online vendors in the country. This company was established in 2015 in Pompano, Florida and is known for its transparency in business and manufacturing high-quality products in safe packaging. They use the purest Kratom in their production. 

These products are either in the form of capsules or powdered form. You can find all types of Kratom here. You can check out their website and place the order. 

#3. Golden Monk

Left coast Kratom

It is a new company in the market which sells excellent quality Kratom products online. This company was established in 2016 in Canada. Later on, it was moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and continues to operate from there. The products which they sell are tested extensively to ensure if they are safe for you. Even the Kratom extracts are tested properly.

These products are in the form of capsules and powder. Check out their website for more.

We are suggesting the best places to find Kratom. And in case you don’t find your preferred form, you can always go online. Also, we will tell you how to get the best Kratom products safely. 


Things to Consider Before Buying Kratom Online

You cannot just walk into a store, ask for Kratom, and expect to get the best product. There are certain things you should consider before going on to buy kratom. You will have to prepare yourself to get the right product. For instance:

1. Research

You need to know everything about Kratom. A little research can help you a lot. Your awareness can get you the product without too much hard work.

Different types of Kratoms have their own benefits. Read about them to know which one is right for you. Also, research about the top brands that sell high-quality Kratom. Read online reviews of these brands to know where you can find them.

As a first time user, this is very important so that you don’t end up buying the wrong product. You should know the right product for and how much dosage you need.  Kratom is a revolutionary herbal product that can change your life if you know how to use it correctly.

2. Know the laws of the state

As we mentioned above Kratom is not illegal. But if you are a US citizen, there are some states that restrict the distribution of Kratom. Your state might be one of them. Get information on the stance of your local authorities on Kratom. You don’t want to get stuck in a legal issue. 

If it is banned in your area, there is a high chance of not getting it in the local stores. In case you find it, it might be not of good quality. So, beware of the scam.  

3. Find shops that sell Kratom

There is not always a wide range of Kratom in your local shops. Most of the shop owners don’t even know about their variety. Find the stores that keep the type of Kratom you want. 

The specialized shops will help you find the variety you want, in case you don’t find it anywhere. 

Here are the types of Kratom for you to choose from:

  • Red Vein Kratom: This Kratom has soothing effects that calm you down. It is used to relieve pain and helps you sleep peacefully.
  • White Vein Kratom: This one helps in enhancing your mood and increases the energy in your body. It is like a stimulant that puts you in a happy state. 
  • Green Vein Kratom: This one is a mild Kratom but it can make you alert and gives you a performance boost. 

South Asia is known for the cultivation of Kratom. These countries are the major source of Kratom strains for most manufacturers. 

According to the place of origin, there are other Kratoms as well. They have amazing benefits and you try them out as well. For instance:

Bali Kratom: This reddish colored Kratom is from Indonesia. It is known to be an ‘opioid-like’ strain. It helps to relieve chronic pain and eases depression. 

Borneo Kratom: This Kratom comes in red, white, and green color. It is used as a sedative and is considered best in treating stress and anxiety issues. 

Green Malay Kratom: This Kratom traces its origin to Malaysia and is dark green in color. It can be used as a nerve stimulant and also as a sedative. 

You can take it in low doses to get a boost in your energy. It can aid in relieving anxiety and depression. People also take it to increase focus. 

When taken in high dosages, it works as a sedative. 

Indo Kratom: Another Indonesian Kratom, this one comes in green, white, and red color. If you have stress, this Kratom can help you ease it and makes you feel relaxed. It is also beneficial in anxiety and enhances your overall health as well.

Maeng Da Kratom: This is one of the popular Kratoms from Thailand and is also available in Malaysia and Indonesia. It has strong and long-lasting effects. It comes in green, red, and white colors. 

It stimulates your nerves to boost the energy and reduces pain if any. A feeling of well-being surrounds you after consuming this Maeng Da Kratom.

Also, there could be some hyperactivity and you might feel too happy and joyous, sort of a high feeling. 

Red Vein Thai Kratom: This Thai Kratom is known as a pain reliever. You can take it to ease the sudden pains you have been feeling.  

Red & White Malay Kratom: This Kratom originates from Malaysia. This one also works as a nerve stimulant to increase energy and also as a sedative. It can uplift your mood when you are feeling low. 

Green & White Vein Thai Kratom: This Kratom is a nerve stimulant and it can give you the ‘high’ feeling. It has to be used carefully. 

You will have to visit the different shops and inquire if they have the type of Kratom you require. Check the price of these products in every store you visit. Do not fall for cheap quality products for less money. 

4. Check the authenticity of the product

Once you know everything about Kratom, it will be easier for you to check its authenticity. Also, check the manufacturer’s details and expiry date. Read the label carefully.

Make sure the seller is verified and there is a guarantee of the product. Ask the seller about the return policy in case there is an issue with it. The store should have a good reputation for you to know it won’t sell you bunk products. 

Visit multiple shops to know about the brand, manufacturer, and type of the kratom they are selling. 

It’s better to buy from a reliable store where you can come back later for more. Be an aware customer and always ask the right questions. Get all the necessary information and buy only if you are fully convinced about it. 

Benefits of Kratom

For medicinal purposes: It can help you in relieving chronic pain and stress. It can also help you sleep better at night. 

Non-medicinal purposes: It can be used to get an energy boost. Kratom can make you alert to overcome fatigue and tiredness. 

Recreational purposes: It can create a sensation of euphoria or even sedate you by stimulation. 

Where To Buy Kratom From?

Once you have sorted all of the above-mentioned points, it’s finally time to make the purchase. In case you are wondering, let us be clear, Walmarts and GNC stores do not sell it.

You have to know your area to find these shops. If you are not so sure, you can always rely on Google and other search platforms. 

You don’t need to always jump on to buy the first product you see. It is also not necessary that the shop will have the Kratom product you need. So, you need to keep your options open. Take your time and shop smart. 

Smoke shops: Some smoke or head shops keep Kratom. It is available in a powdered form. These shops are set up all across the country and are known to keep all herbal products commonly called the ‘legal highs’ with marijuana, kratom, etc. The authenticity of the product has to be verified by you only.

Also, as the main business is not of Kratom here, they can’t really offer you a guarantee of the product. You will have to check the product carefully if it’s genuine. Buy it at your own risk. Some head shops keep good- quality Kratom and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to get it. 

But it might be possible that the one nearby doesn’t keep it. So, you will have to resort to other options.

Special Kratom shops: Times have changed and the herbal strains that were treated as drugs earlier have now come to our aid. They have the ability to relieve us of several serious issues. 

For instance, Cannabis and Kratom are sold in specialized stores for their amazing benefits. These shops specifically keep CBD and Kratom based products that are mostly authentic. You can easily find Kratom strains here. 

Gas stations: It is possible to find some Kratom in the stores at the gas stations. This can help in case you are traveling and run out of the dose. 

Again, you will have to check the details of the product to know if it is real or fake. These shops only keep the essentials and don’t specialize in Kratoms. 

Vape shops: Along with several vape flavors and e-cigarettes, these shops often sell Kratom products. You might even find Kratom extract vape here. You should be of legal age to go to these shops.

Also, the products you get here might be unpacked as most of these shops are run illegally. It is important to buy a packaged Kratom product. Check the seal of the product before making the purchase.

Local Bars: The bars near beaches or in the cities often keep Kratom. If you live in a big city, you might already have access to these bars.

The Kratom here is sold in the form of drinks that you can easily consume and reap the benefits. If you trust the bar and think it’s genuine, you can buy the Kratom from there. 

How to locate a Legit vendor?

Modern problems need modern solutions. The shops and bars might be nearby but you still need some information to reach them. You need to know exactly which shop sells Kratom. Google can be your savior here. 

To locate a store in your vicinity, take your phone and turn on the GPS. Now, start typing ‘buy Kratom near me’ and Google will show you the best results. You can just go to these shops and buy whatever you want. 

The next best option is to use Yelp. Those of you who don’t know, Yelp is sort of like a local directory to find local businesses in the areas. It can help you get the address of the Kratom vendors. Yelp also has reviews, ratings, contact information, price list, and opening timings of the store. 

You can use the Kratom locator known as the Kratom Maps to find the shops in your area. It used your zip code or address to 

Then, if you live in the USA, use the yellow pages. You can find the contact information of the Kratom sellers here, according to your area. Just call them up before and ask if they have the product you need. This will save you some extra visits. Visit the store that has the Kratom you require and pick up the product after verifying its details. 

Why Should You Not Buy Kratom From Local Vendors?

If you ask us, it ‘not totally safe’ to buy Kratom from local vendors but in case of emergencies or if you need a dose while traveling, you don’t have any other option. Most of the times the online websites run out of stock with no information on when it will be restocked. One has to improvise in such cases. 

You have to do down to the local vendors and get the dose. There is a certain risk attached to it but sometimes you have to go for it. 

Let’s talk about what could go wrong when you buy Kratom locally and how you can avoid it. 

Ingenuine product: Most shop owners who keep Kratom barely have any knowledge about it. They keep it because people buy it sometimes. Unlike drug store owners, they don’t know about the benefits and side-effects of the product they are selling.

More often than not they are selling fake Kratom knowingly or even unknowingly. If you are an inexperienced user, then it is going to be a problem for you. These products can be harmful and might even lead to an OD. 

Quality issues: You cannot rely on the quality of the Kratom these shops sell. These can be a low-grade product and it is not easy to figure out its quality. These products might be cheap but they cause some serious damage if taken. 

Expired product: People often fall for this sham while they are in a hurry. The local vendors do not check the date of these Kratom often as not many people ask for it. The products get expired and to get rid of them, they are sold at cheap prices. 

Expensive products: Shop owners already know Kratom cannot be bought that easily. So, they try to sell them at a higher price than usual. This is also done to offset the losses incurred from the confiscated products during the sudden visits from the law enforcement authorities. They sell it to you at a higher price on the pretext of the risk of keeping the Kratom.  

How to avoid these situations:

To not fall prey to these scams, you need to keep certain things in mind before buying the Kratom locally. For this, you need to research and learn more about Kratom and the brands producing it. This will help you in checking if the product is genuine. We have mentioned the other points at the beginning of the article to help you. 

In case you find the right product with a local vendor, tell him about it, and he might start keeping it in his store. Your problem will get solved in an instant.

The proverb ‘Ignorance is bliss’ can literally have some serious repercussions if you don’t know about the product. Your safety is in your own hands here. You can actually take the product in your hands and check all the required details. 

Online purchase is considered as the safest option for Kratom. Kratom is currently not an illegal drug and it can easily be bought online. 

In case, buying locally doesn’t work for you and if you have enough time in hand, you can always buy Kratom online. 

Final Verdict: Why It is Safest To Buy Kratom Online?

Whether buying locally or online, there is a sense of risk attached to both. But at times when you can’t wait to buy online, you have to resort to local stores. You need to know about your area before going out to buy. 

Also, when you buy online, the product takes days to reach you. You can’t know its authenticity until it is in your hands. While buying offline gives you a sense of control. Your knowledge and research can help you buy the best. 

Buying locally isn’t such a bad option if you are cautious and know your stuff. These stores might not have your best interest in mind but your quick thinking can help you get the right product. 

The effects of Kratom are exceptional but you should use it carefully. We hope we helped you locate the places to find Kratom. All you have to do is shop smart. We wish you all the best for your Kratom hunt. 


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