Building Bridges Over Cultural Boundaries: The Work of Dr. Forough Farizani

Updated on February 28, 2022

Not many physicians know the real struggle that many immigrants face when coming to the United States for the first time. And often, it’s acts of kindness that can make this transition bearable. But in our busy western world, it’s becoming less common to find those compassionate voices to help lead us in a new world.

Dr. Forough Farizani of Hillcroft Physicians just happens to know the struggle of immigrants coming to America. And she has built her life, and her practice, on the fundamentals of compassion in serving and helping others to receive adequate medical care. 

Opening her practice in Houston in 1998, Dr. Farizani has been continuously offering her local community the medical services they need. And still today, Dr. Farizani stands ready to fill the needs of those who’ve come to this country to look for a better opportunity. 

Hillcroft Physicians 

Beginning her practice in the Gulfton/Sharpton area, also known as the “Ellis Island” of Houston, Dr. Farizani is still committed to getting those families in her community the affordable medical care that they need. 

Within this densely populated area, most immigrants who seek out medical care have extreme difficulty finding (and paying) for any type of healthcare. Dr. Farizani and her staff at Hillcroft provide needed care for both new and established immigrants who find themselves in the 4th most populated city in the United States, amid the sprawling urban centers of greater Houston. 

When caring for immigrants, often there are cultural and linguistic barriers that are hard to bridge. And this can make the transition from one country to another extremely difficult for a new immigrant, especially when attempting to seek affordable medical care. 

Dr. Farizani and her team of dedicated professionals at Hillcroft Physicians make local immigrants and their families a priority and have the ability to breach cultural barriers in order to better assist families in need of care. 

Life Mission and Education 

Dr. Farizani began her medical journey at the University of Southern California then went on to complete her medical degree at Kansas University of Medicine and Biosciences. For her residency, Dr. Farizani also attended the University of Texas Memorial Southwest Family Practices. 

Currently, Dr. Farizani not only provides quality care for families in desperate need, but she also offers her time teaching rising medical students as well. She has taught at the Baylor College of Medicine and is currently a preceptor for the UT Arlington and UTMB Nurse Practitioner Program. 

Throughout her education and in her practice, Dr. Farizani’s life mission is to offer adequate and affordable care for families most in need, and providing consistent and affordable care to both new and established immigrants is among her list of achievements in the field of medicine. 

Breaking Cultural Barriers 

Anyone who’s ever visited a foreign land likely knows just how overwhelming an experience of this sort can be. And finding oneself in a new land in need of medical attention but unable to afford most medical services can not only be overwhelming, but it can also be quite scary. 

As mentioned, Dr. Farizani knows how to breach cultural boundaries through compassion and understanding. Being fluent in English, Farsi, and Spanish, Dr. Farizani understands the dominant languages of most immigrants coming to the United States from neighboring Mexico, along with Central and South America. 

In order to further accommodate her patients’ needs, Dr. Farizani also employs a staff of dedicated physicians and medical professionals who also speak the languages of the local immigrants in her community. In addition, Dr. Farizani and her staff also understand the customs, traditions, and cultural barriers which can often prove restrictive when attempting to provide adequate medical care. 

Dr. Farizani has truly made her mark by providing her community with professional staff from many different cultural backgrounds. And many professionals on her staff also come from the same regions where most of the immigrants who visit her clinic have immigrated from. 

Because of her diligent work and compassion for her community of new and established immigrants, Dr. Farizani and her team have created an environment that alleviates the stress from cultural restraints that most immigrants find when coming to America and seeking medical services. 

Throughout the United States, there are communities of immigrants who struggle daily to make ends meet, and who have great difficulty seeking out adequate healthcare services. But Dr. Farizani and her team have made it possible in her community for immigrants to thrive. And this is a standard that healthcare professionals across the country should take note of.

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