The Significance of a Bug Tracking Tool in The Healthcare Industry

Updated on January 14, 2019

By Ray Parker

A bug tracking tool is also called a defect tracking tool. It is a software app that keeps a record of the reported software bugs in software development projects. It is also regarded as a sort of issue tracking system. 

A bug tracking tool plays an imperative role in providing you a detailed picture of the sort of defects. After being recorded, the bugs can be traced in various ways, simplifying the procedure many folds via various viewing formats. This will enable you to monitor the bug history any time with various information pointers. This tool has more features than any defect management software. the custom bug report enables you not to miss out on any important information. 

Healthcare sector is in an extreme need of an effective bug tracking tool. This is because a healthcare app affected by bugs can lead to dire consequences. 

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you some reasons that make a bug tracking tool significant for the healthcare sector. 

1.    Information-Rich Format

It enables you to report and track the defects incorporating interactive dashboard and information-rich format. These defects must be tracked back and forth within the cycles. They are also connected with the referenced test cases. 

2.    Create Custom Defect Reports

This feature of creating customized defect reports can enable you to attain the advantage of the two-way integration with the assistance of defect management software such as Jira. In this way, you will be able to use customized fields to make this integration more suitable under business context. 

3.    Jira Integration

An effective bug tracking tool incorporates with tools like Jira. It enables you to sync your defects with Jira by easy setup selection. This scenario is ideal for agile teams as it enables business analysts and testers to coordinate between various tracking tools. The issues or defects created on one platform are logged on the other. 

4.    Flexible Reporting

You can log your defects independent of test cycles and modules and utilize them again and again, because of decoupled architecture. Following these footsteps, defects are required to be created repeatedly in one case or module. 


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