Blood Pressure Record App

Updated on February 5, 2021

What is blood pressure?

Our heart uses force to pump our blood around our body, and the measure of this force is known as blood pressure. 

Can the iPhone check blood pressure?

You can easily measure your blood pressure by using your iPhone. Regularly checking your blood pressure will help you to prevent strokes, heart attacks, and any other diseases related to blood pressure. You will be able to monitor your blood pressure data regularly by using an iPhone blood pressure monitor. You can also collect additional information that will help you to monitor your physical condition.

How to use your iPhone as a Blood Pressure Monitor

Now, it is possible to measure your blood pressure at home with many types of sphygmomanometer available in the market. You will also get many apps on your iPhone, which will turn your iPhone into a Blood Pressure Monitor. If you want to measure your blood pressure, you have to buy a blood pressure monitor for your iPhone. We recommend choosing the Welltory blood pressure record app as the right application for measuring blood pressure. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Welltory blood pressure app is an iPhone blood pressure monitor to record your blood pressure very quickly. This app is mainly designed for people who want to record their periodic measurements without using paper and pencil. This app will turn your iPhone into a personal blood pressure monitor. It works like any other blood pressure monitor application on the iPhone, but its interface is very user-friendly. This blood pressure monitoring app is only available in the iOS Store. With the help of this app, you can also monitor the physical condition of your whole family.

This blood pressure monitor will present your all information graphically. You will get your blood-pressure history for specific weeks, months, or years. It will also allow you to print out all history and graphs. Unfortunately, you cannot edit any information but will be able to delete them. 


The main features of the Welltory iPhone blood pressure monitor are described below: –

Easy to Use

All Blood Pressure monitoring applications follow the guideline of an iOS system for designing their applications. The working procedure of Apple Heath is also the same as other iOS blood pressure monitoring applications, but its user interface is not so complicated. You will also get user guidelines when you open it for the first time. The Apple Health app doesn’t force you to provide irrelevant information that you don’t have at that time, such as height or weight. You need to enter the information that matters like blood pressure, heart rate. This process is called the data entry process. This app is available in english and russian language and it requires iOS 10.0 and watchOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Multi User

You can add a profile for you or your whole family using the simple screen of your iPhone blood pressure monitor. You will be able to monitor each member of your family separately. If you forget to enter the specific person’s profile when opening the app, you can easily choose the profile later.

Easy to Share

The information-sharing process of this application is not so challenging as other blood pressure monitor applications. With the help of this application, you will send elegant reports to your doctor with three clicks. You can also share this blood pressure information with your family by making an SMS or email. This blood pressure monitor application shows your blood pressure data, statistics, and chats in PDF format. For that, you can print out this PDF file and also can store it to show your doctor and family members. 


The iPhone makes it possible to track blood pressure by sitting at home. With the help of a blood pressure measuring machine, you will only estimate your blood pressure. By using the blood pressure monitor software, you can measure your blood pressure and monitor it regularly and store this information for the future. For this fantastic future, the doctor can monitor the instant physical condition of his patient. We all should take advantage of this modern technology. This technology will help us to prevent heart attacks and other heart-related diseases.  

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