4 Tips For Starting Your New Workout Journey

Updated on February 4, 2021

Working out regularly is essential to one’s health. Regular exercise can make you feel happier, help with weight loss, increase energy levels and improve skin health. Exercise can also boost your immune system, decreasing the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cancer.  

However, not everyone who works out actually experiences its benefits. Working out requires commitment because you have to incorporate this activity into your daily routine to guarantee results. Aside from living a hectic lifestyle, a lot of people can’t meet this requirement as they’ll usually lose the motivation to continue working out after a few months.  

To ensure that you’ll remain committed to working out long-term, consider the following tips when starting your new workout journey: 

  1. Go For A Physical Exam 

Contrary to popular belief, starting a new workout journey will not require you to look for workout routines. This process actually starts by consulting a healthcare professional and getting a physical exam to ensure that your workout is going to be safe and beneficial.  

Getting a physical exam is essential for you to determine the condition of your health and which workout routine suits your health needs. Your doctor can also provide valuable tips on how you can better take care of your health and maximize benefits the moment you start to workout.  

For instance, if you’re planning to use Steel Supplements and other similar supplements to ensure that your body receives the vitamins and minerals it needs, your doctor can help you choose the right product and manage your expectations. 

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  1. Determine Your Goals 

Working out just for the sake of it won’t guarantee results, as you’ll likely see yourself in a dead-end after a few weeks. Waking up early in the morning to jog will eventually feel useless if you don’t have any idea where your efforts are heading.  

For you to have the motivation to start and stick to a new workout journey, determine your goals. This means you should know the reasons why you’re starting a new workout journey in the first place. Are you doing this because you want to lose weight or gain muscles? Or do you want to improve certain areas of your body, such as your arms or legs?  

The answers you’ll have to the questions posted will encourage you to work out regularly and enable you to determine what workouts best fits your goals.  

  1. Start Small 

Working out will put a strain on your body, and going overboard can lead to accidents and injuries. When starting a new workout journey, it’s vital that you take small steps and then gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workouts as you go along.  

For example, you should never lift heavy weights during your first day at the gym, as this can only cause joint and muscle damage. Instead, spend your first weeks warming up by using the treadmill for about 15 to 30 minutes and then start lifting the lightest dumbbells in the gyms. Once your body has adjusted to the weight, you can lift heavier weights and exercise longer.  

Starting small will make it easier for you to build a habit of working out regularly. Once working out becomes innate to your daily routine, you won’t have any problems achieving all of your set goals! 

  1. Find A Friend 

Working out alone can eventually get boring, and this can become the reason why you’ll stop exerting any effort to work out. Visiting the gym every single day alone can become routinary that you won’t be as excited to work out after a few weeks. 

If you’re looking for ways to make your workout journey more fun and interesting, find a friend who’s willing to work out with you. Better yet, find someone who has failed in their workout journeys in the past and is now ready to try again.  

Working out with a friend will increase your chances of succeeding with your new workout journey because you’ll have someone to remind you to work out every single day and vice versa. You can also be each other’s cheering squad when working out, something that’s very useful if the two of you are planning to try out extreme workout routines.  

It’s Easy When You Know How  

If you have been working out in the past but stopped after a few weeks, this article can provide important information so your next attempts to start a new workout journey will be successful. As long as you follow these tips regularly, it won’t be long before you can finally attain your fitness goals!  

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