Better sexual performance justifies the high spending on male enhancement patch

Updated on June 2, 2020

The biggest problem with drugs used for treating sexual health issues is that it all comes with some side effects that can harm general health and lead to bigger problems. Whether it is for organ size, sexual desire, and ability to perform well during sexual encounters, there can be side effects. The vast demand for sexual enhancers points to the fact that most males are poor performers in the bed, and they desperately seek libido enhancers as well as some ways to enhance their manhood. Performance enhancers mainly address the use of erectile dysfunction, which is the biggest spoiler of male sexual performance and enhances the capability of having more fun in the bed and enjoy better performance. 

Performance-enhancing pills are not for everyone

Leaving aside the debate about the effectiveness of sexual performance enhancement pills, one must note that it is not for everyone.

Even Viagra, the magic blue pill that has transformed the sex lives of millions across the world, is not for everyone, especially those who have uncontrolled blood pressure or some cardiovascular disease like unstable angina and if there is a history of congestive heart failure.

People who are on certain types of medications like nitroglycerin for enlarged prostrate might experience a sharp drop in blood pressure when using sex improving pills that can be very dangerous. 

Different drugs act in different ways on the body to increase blood flow to the penis to enable it to maintain an erection. The drugs dilate the arteries in the heart and brain, as well as the penis, can be dangerous for those who have suffered from a stroke or heart attack and suffer from heart rhythm problem.  

The alternative

Those who are unable to use sex improvement drugs due to certain health conditions need not despair because they can get good results by using the ProEnhance patch, which is a safe and highly effective alternative to pills. For long, hormonal patches like testosterone patches have been in use to improve female libido, and a similar version is now available for men that can enhance male sexual performance.

The patch uses several natural ingredients like Panax ginseng, saw palmetto, Gotu Kola, Damiana, He Shou Who (Fo-Ti), and menthol that provide a punch to the sex lives of users by boosting it considerably. Menthol acts like a penetration enhancer that ensures easy transfer of the active ingredients through the skin. The natural ingredients ensure the safe use of the product while delivering the best results in enhancing libido.

The patch does not only increase your sexual passion but also increases the penis size for those who have a not so impressive organ size. To know more about it, look up at some ProEnhance review.

How the patch works

Since there is no ingestion involved when using a patch, the herbal ingredients which remain mixed with the adhesive penetrate the skin and mix with the bloodstream, which is why the product is also called single-layer herbal-infused adhesive.  

The patch releases the active ingredients continuously for 3 days, and the results show up after 7-10 days.


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