Best Running Shoes for Overweight Men

Updated on October 5, 2023


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Every big pal knows firsthand about the challenges that otherwise would be inconspicuous for those who are fit enough. Fast movements, let alone mere running, require additional effort for a number of muscles and joints. Your knees, feet, and ankles undergo substantial stress, your heart is hammering as if Navajo Indians beat their drums, and your lungs are in despair begging for some air that in turn triggers a passionate desire to send everything to hell and quit that sports running. Well, in this case, all that is left to do for you is to overcome yourself and choose the right training shoes that will make your jogging smooth, soft, and pleasing.

Today, the industry involved in production of the athletic footgear performs considerably advanced designing of that special type of footwear that suits mostly those who have overweight issues. Cutting-edge solutions and trend-setting features are applied to fulfill the particular requirements of those people whose weight is higher than desired. Believe it or not, but properly selected pair of sneakers can miraculously influence all aspects of running.

What You Should Put Special Attention to When Choosing Running Shoes

We spend one-third part of our lives sleeping, and another one-third walking. I cannot remember the last one-third but it is not the main point. Just imagine — if we spend one-third part of our lives wearing shoes, it means that these shoes must be as qualitative and convenient as they can be. The proper and relevant shoes chosen for every occasion are crucial when it comes to support, comfort, and durability. Let us look through several important points that would be wise to bear in mind when selecting sports footwear for those individuals who have specific issues with their weight.

Endurance Period

Every product has its relevant durability, which is calculated in average terms, and shoes are no exception at all. A clever approach to the selection of proper options will spare you from additional expenses. As far as we concern heavy runners, we must take into account the excessive stress on training shoes caused by the extra weight of a runner. Therefore, award priority to footgear featured with hardwearing outsoles made of top-grade compounded rubber that can stand long against inevitable deterioration.

Instep Support

Never forget to pay attention to such things as an arch support. Our feet in varying degrees are different in size and shape — one has a flat foot, and another one’s foot is bow-shaped as much as it is possible. Those people who have their feet flat enough to a certain extent can take advantage of shoes with embedded instep support, whereas guys with high arches need footwear that contains more cushioning and is more flexible in comparison with the previous one.


Give your preference to running shoes with rich cushioning to dampen shocks and impacts on your body. Such absorption is a real remedy for your joints and especially for your ligaments that keep those joints together and do not allow them to touch each other. Therefore, footwear with additional cushioning within the midsole and heel mitigates the stressful impacts on the joints.

Support and Stability

People with excessive weight need extra stability and support to avoid the development of clubfoot. Try to find shoes with a steady midsole that will assist you in keeping your feet in the correct direction and prevent your foot from rolling inward. Modern tools make possible such aids, helping you in the maintenance of your foot alignment.

Upper Build

The top part of the footwear is the best when featured with a safe and convenient fit. Choose air-pervious materials meant for aeration, which protect your feet from heat exposure and excessive sweating. Upper layers strengthened with additional overlays can increase the frame and footgear endurance period.

Fit and Size

Incorrect size and fit of shoes is one of the most frequent reasons for inconveniences that one may feel from wearing. Long jogging may bring about for a heavy runner such problems as swelling of shoes when they become worn out and shapeless from wear in the end and look one size bigger. Moreover, after a long run or walk, your foot becomes a bit wider, which in turn causes the swelling of your shoes. Give preference to footwear made of materials tensile enough that do not let your shoes lose their shape.

Clubfoot Analysis

All of us walk differently. The differences are slight, but they exist, and before purchasing any shoes, it would be nice to consult with a professional who may define the peculiarities of your gait and give you some advice regarding a type of shoe that would fit you better. After taking into consideration the suggested corrections, your running will become easier and more stable.

Recommendations of Professional Sportsmen

People from professional sports know many things that may be unknown to the majority of newcomers or those who just decided to start running. Moreover, for sportsmen, it goes without saying, but beginners would just be glad to learn it. This is the same as trying your luck with the top online casinos UK and becoming a winner. Further, we will get acquainted with some information shared by sportsmen that may become handy for many heavy runners:

·       If you are a heavy runner, then when it comes to the choice of a brand, professionals would recommend you award your priority to Saucony, Nike, Brooks, and New Balance.

·       Cushioning in running practice must take the place of great importance. This is crucial for people with excessive weight since correctly chosen footgear will secure your joints from injuries of any kind and will not let your ligaments be sprained. Proper cushioning will give you a pleasant experience from running and will be effective as far as weight loss is concerned.

·       In case you are a heavy runner, you need to choose footwear with thick cushioning, perfect support, and stable outsole. Other essential things are decent durability of the outsole, wide base frame, and relevant instep support.

·       As a rule, running footgear must be changed every 400-600 kilometers. As long as we talk about heavy boys, wear and tear may occur a bit quicker, so they need to count on 280-500 kilometers. Anyway, when you need the replacement, you will feel it immediately.

Top Running Sneakers for Overweight Men

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The next information will give you a vivid understanding of the best running shoes that you may buy today and that will be actual at least for the next couple of years unless some scientific breakthrough invents something unbelievable that will make you fly in your shoes. Further recommendations are the result of thorough research, expert assessment, and customer feedback:

·       Saucony Triumph 21. If you are looking for high-end comfort that makes all your movement smooth and soft, these shoes are one the best choices in the realm of sneakers. This pair is featured with advanced POWERRUN technology that simply makes your feet feel as if they are surrounded by nothing but still with something that secures you and carries you forward. These shoes perfectly match any kind of activity, be it fast sprinting or slow strolling.

·       ASICS Gel-kayano 30. The sneakers are made for those who may run long distances and even more. The manufacturer uses new technologies aimed at support and unfathomable comfort. Special guidance technology adjusts to the gait of a runner, ensuring a comfortable stride meant for long distances. Unique midsole with ecological cushioning makes you feel as if you pace on cotton wool.

·       Brooks Beast 20. Those who place support comfort and cushioning above all must consider this alternative. The special design suggests a bit more space in the fore part of a foot, and you will be sure that your shoes will not be worn out sooner than it is supposed to be, and ill-fitting will not hurt your feet. The sneakers have an extraordinary combination of ultra-soft cushioning and endurance period. These shoes cater to every whim of an exacting customer.

·       Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23. This model was created for those who desire to get the best experience in running without losing any comfort. This particular footgear is granted with a certification as shoes designed for those who have diabetic issues. Breathable air mesh fabric is another distinctive feature that will come in handy for those runners who have excessive sweating. At the same time, such a design protects your feet against overheating.

·       Hoka One One Bondi 8. These shoes are prominent with the accent on extra cushioning. They are a true choice for those who award the priority to security and comfort in their everyday jogging. Created mainly for runners with an average pattern of stride and heavy weight, they suggest an unbelievable combination of comfort and cushioning. No matter if you are going to do your regular everyday session or you are inclined to run a marathon distance, Hoka One shows cross-functional ability in its rawest form.

·       Mizuno Wave Rider 27. Truly, a one-of-a-kind option that features top performance and brilliant convenience combined. The sneakers are very responsive by virtue of a very slight overlay and groundbreaking eco base plate. Your pace will become smooth, steady, and adaptive to every movement.

·       New Balance Fresh Foam X More V4. Extra cushioning originated at those times when such a feature was supposed only for footgear that was meant for long-distance running. After some time, the advantage of such a method made it trendy, and today, it is applied by every industry involved in sports gear. As a result, it is no wonder that one of the distinctive features of this model is a design featured with rich cushioning. This type of sneakers is really an example of game-changing innovation.

·       Brooks Ghost 15. Such a model was created with the help of 3D printing introducing araphorostic and safe fit that increases the heavy runner’s comfortable feelings. Exceptional cushioning provides an average and smooth support that favors any kind of activity, be it cross-training, regular running, or jogging.

Little Drawbacks of Running Shoes

As with everything in the world, running footgear cannot have only the benefits described above. A number of advantages have small subtle issues, or, as we say, the devil is in the details. Do not be disappointed from the very beginning: when we say drawbacks, we mostly mean some peculiar moments that would be wise to pay attention to.

Extra soft running footwear can be unstable for heavy runners to a certain extent. In case a midsole does not provide enough support, a heavy runner may start leaning sideways and forward while running. As a result, the body will be overloaded, and you will reach fatigue sooner than it would be necessary. Moreover, ultra-soft cushioning may bring your shoe to the bottom out, and eventually, you will start feeling the outsole while running.

After several hundred kilometers, all shoes made with soft foam in the midsole have a tendency to lose some cushioning, and this happens more often with heavy runners than with light ones. This fact shows that very soft midsoles are not as durable as those with harder stuff inside. Be very careful when choosing footwear with cotton-wool-like soles — their endurance period is shorter since anything soft in the world wears and tears sooner than those stuff made of hard material.

The best choice is when the happy medium is concerned. Some options are at the same time featured with cushioning effect and stability. To find such alternatives, we conducted an elaborate search and distinguished the following footgear that would suit all heavy runners.

The 1st placeNike Invincible 3
The 2nd placeAsics Nimbus 25
The 3rd placeNike Zoom Fly 5
The 4th placeBrooks Glycerin 20
The 5th placeSaucony Ride 16
The 6th placeAdidas Ultraboost Light
The 7th placeSaucony Echelon 9
The 8th placeAdidas SolarGuide 6
The 9th placeSaucony Peregrine 13
The 10th placeAdidas Adios 7
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