Best Nic Salt Juice for 2021

Updated on June 13, 2021

Since nic salt juice has made quite a shocking rise in the vaping world, the ever-emerging new juices give a bundle of options.

As numerous new juices spring daily, it can sometimes be rather challenging to keep track. Luckily, we have made a shortlist of the top choices for you. These choices come with a detailed description that can help you see the main differences between nic salt juices.

Newbies may wonder why nicotine salt juices are the right choice for them. Therefore, you may find it helpful to also read about all the benefits of opting for it.

What Is Nic Salt Juice?

Nicotine Salt Juice, although a relatively recent development, became the favorite choice of many vapers. Users like the fact that they get an immediate hit of nicotine without having to vape constantly.

Moreover, it leaves the users with a clear throat while satisfying all the nicotine cravings. Nic salt juices have a different mixing technique than the more common freebase (conventional nicotine) juice. 

This allows the user to get a satisfying but smooth hit with no harshness. What this means is that you will get the same satisfaction with fewer hits, thus avoiding chain-vaping.

Nic salt (short for Nicotine Salt) is generally nicotine that is naturally formed in leaf tobacco. It’s the same tobacco and the same nicotine we use otherwise. But, the nicotine that comes from tobacco leaves is added to a liquid in our case. 

Later on, we vape this liquid at high temperatures. The critical component is the benzoic acid which lowers the pH level of nicotine. What we get in the end is reduced alkalinity, which, in turn, leads to this smoother feeling when vaping.

Best Nic Salt for Me This Year

We’ve decided to line out three completely different nic salts for you. This way, you can see what they primarily differ in and what to pay attention to. Afterward, you should be able to choose the best nic salt for yourself easier. These three are:

  1. Crispy Coffee By Large Salts – with this nic salt, you get a combination of coffee, cream, doughnut, and caramel. All of these rich flavors are ideal for those who like it dark and sweet. The nicotine strength is 20mg;
  2. Heizenberg By Vampire Vape – this one is wildly popular in the UK. It’s a combination of berries and menthol giving you a cooling but sweet sensation. Nicotine strengths are available in 10mg as well as 20 mg;
  3. Lemon Tart By Nicotine Lady – both creamy and sour, it gives you an epic experience;

As you can see from this list of three very popular nic salts, they differ in two things. The first is flavor.

You can choose from a wide range of flavors, opting, of course, for the one that suits you best. Whether you like it sweet, sour, bitter, or dark is up to you.

Another difference is the nicotine strength they are available in. Mostly, it’s 20mg, but some come in 10mg as well.

What Are the Benefits of Nic Salts?

We’ve chosen the top four benefits of nic salts for you. In case you were wondering why and how the e-cigarette gained its popularity, read the following facts:

  1. In the end, it’s cheaper – the nic salts are a bit pricier. And, as mentioned above, the e-cigarette gives a better, smoother, and more efficient hit. This leads to less vaping, buying less juice, and more money in your pockets;
  2. It has better quality – given the fact that nicotine salts are more stable chemically, they last longer. You get a never-fading quality of nicotine;
  3. It gives a fast hit – the beauty of consuming nic salts lies in the fact that the body absorbs it in the same way as the conventional cigarette. Nic salts enter your bloodstream at a very similar speed;
  4. It’s smooth – as we have explained in great detail, you don’t have to worry about the pH level. Due to benzoic acid, the alkalinity is reduced in e-cigarettes, giving you a rather silky experience;

Final Thoughts

To avoid the unwanted “throat hit” that the high pH level can cause, all the information on nic salts may be the perfect option. This throat hit is somewhat harsh and very uncomfortable for most users.

As nicotine salts have a much more neutral pH level and are lower in their alkalinity, you may want to consider them. Your experience will be smoother for your throat but equally strong for your body. Also, you won’t need to overuse it.

Nic salts are the perfect example of “less is more”. 

Since the options are vast, do your research on what nic salts suit you best. You must know how they work and their benefits, which this text has provided for you.

Good luck and salt away.

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