Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety & Depression


Millions of people suffer from anxiety around the globe. It is always a normal part of life to feel sad or anxious on some occasions. But when the feeling persists such that you find yourself in a constant state of agitation, then it may be considered an anxiety disorder. 

According to the World Health Organization, there are about 300 million people suffering from this disorder around the world. There are a variety of treatment regimens and therapies to deal with this condition. The use of kratom is one of them.


In this piece, we will be delving deep into the best kratom for anxiety. We will also give a detailed overview of how it works, the best ways to use it, and the right dosages.

How does Kratom work for Anxiety?

Kratom is currently among the best remedies for managing conditions such as anxiety and depression. Some of the major symptoms of anxiety include restlessness, low concentration, rapid breathing, difficulty in falling asleep, and an increased heart rate. 

Kratom works in the same way as other opioids, and its effects are similar to those of codeine or morphine. The only difference is that Kratom is not as addictive as the other opioids. It is the ability of Kratom to lessen most of the side effects of anxiety that make it great in the management of this condition.

For instance, Kratom encourages regular sleeping patterns. It is common to find that those suffering from anxiety have problems falling and staying asleep. 

This is normally the result of nerves getting upset, extreme sadness, and a lot of worrying among other symptoms associated with anxiety. 

Since Kratom can promote healthy sleeping patterns, it is a potent remedy for those not getting good sleep due to depression.

Additionally, Kratom has medicinal alkaloids which are known to cause a great calming effect on the body. As such, it can calm emotions during instances when there is an unbalance in the body due to anxiety. 

Such imbalances in emotions are very common people suffering from anxiety. Kratom has always been used as a remedy for such situations.

Kratom also has the ability to increase productivity. Anxiety has a way of negatively impacting everyday life. With anxiety, it is possible to become sloppy at work, start falling behind in responsibilities and experience a feeling of general boredom. 

Since Kratom can increase productivity and energy, it is a viable option to help you stay on top of your game at work and at home when suffering from depression. It comes with a stabilizer concentration feeling which is vital in helping people regain concentration.

It can also help you regain focus to help see you through the day successfully. Some quarters have also claimed that Kratom can also increase the feelings of optimism. This will generally help those suffering from anxiety to improve their overall quality of life.

Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety & Depression

There are various strains of Kratom. The strains differ based on size, material consistency, origin, and dosage. Consequently, not all of them have the same effects. Therefore, not all of them will display the same levels of efficacy when it comes to dealing with anxiety. Here is an overview of some of the best kratom for anxiety.

#1 Malay Kratom

Malay Kratom strains are among the best Kratom for relaxation. They have the ability to alleviate most of the symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Additionally, they can enhance moods and produce feelings of euphoria among users. 

Also, if you are looking for a strain that can help you enhance your productivity levels, help you gain more focus at work, and increase your levels of mental and physical capabilities, then this is one of the best strains you will find.

You will find Malay Kratom white, green and red-vein colors. However, it is the green-vein variant that is the most popular and the highly recommended strain for dealing with anxiety. This particular strain is considered a strong analgesic with incredible sedating effects. 

Also, it comes with a unique aromatic and therapeutic smell. This smell does wonders when it comes to mood elevation and making people relax.

#2 Borneo Kratom

Just like Indo Kratom, Borneo Kratom also contains high 7-Hydroxyitragyne and it is another incredibly popular strain for relieving anxiety. It is low in Mitragynine making it also effective for pain relief and stimulation.

Experts recommended that you should take this strain early in the morning if you want to forget about all the worries of the day and enjoy a relaxed day full of energy.

You will also be interested to note that taking it in the evening is a very powerful way of relieving your body of all the pains and causing it deep relaxation that will culminate into deep and uninterrupted sleep. 

Another great thing most users love about this strain is that it comes with minimal side effects. Hence, you are free to take the recommended dosage without any fear, knowing that you will have the best of the effects after just a short while.

#3 Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom blends mood enhancement, pain relief, and stimulation together to make it one of the strongest strains of Kratom available today. It has very high levels of alkaloid 7-Hydroxymitragynine that is responsible for its pain and anxiety relief features. 

One notable thing about this strain is that it comes with very strong sedating effects, but will never reduce the user’s levels of concentration.

Just like with most forms of Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom is also available in red, green and white colors, with the red being the most potent of all the three. The green vein Maeng Da Kratom is known for its mood energy and energy effects. This makes it ideal for those suffering from anxiety but would love to remain productive at all times.

The Best way to take Kratom for Anxiety

You may have the best Kratom for anxiety, but if you don’t know how to use it properly, then you may tap into its full potential. The first step towards taking Kratom the right way and in a manner that will ensure you get its maximum benefits is to determine the Kratom strain that is most suited for your needs.

It is worth noting that there are various ways of ingesting Kratom and the ingestion method you choose will mainly depend on the state of the Kratom. For instance, you may have the Kratom in powder form, as tablets, capsules, or raw leaves that can be chewed directly from the trees.

Therefore, how you ingest the Kratom will mainly depend on its actual state at the time of purchase. However, it is highly recommended that you stick to the forms that have not undergone lots of processing. This means that capsule or tablet forms may not be the very best.

But you will be assured of higher potency if you chew the leaves directly from the trees. You can also dry and crush them before mixing them with your favorite foods and drinks. For instance, you can easily mix Kratom powder with water, milk, juice or any other beverage you like.

Determining the Right Kratom Dosage for Anxiety

For you to get great results from Kratom, it is vital that you take the right doses. Finding the right dose, however, is always a matter of trial and error, but you should get it right if you will be honest about how you feel after starting. In most cases, the recommendation is always that you start at moderate levels.

Starting at low doses may be appealing to the many, but it comes with a variety of concerns. The best kratom for anxiety has been proven to be more energetic when administered in small doses. Large doses, on the other hand, may lead to a buildup of tolerance by the body. This may end up reducing the efficacy of Kratom in the body.

While trying to figure out the right dosage for the best Kratom for anxiety, you should have in mind that the potency and effects will vary from one strain to another and from one user to another. As such, there is no hard rule on what the right dosage should be. 

After you get the strain you like, you need to start playing around with the doses and noting the effects until you hit the sweet spot. Ensure to limit to twice or thrice a week so that you can avoid Kratom tolerance buildup. Also, take note of potential side effects such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, constipation, drowsiness, and sweating.


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