Are eSports and Online Casino Games Good for Your Health?


More and more people appeal to eSports and online casino games and best live casino online as form of entertainment and relaxation. And when you take out the opportunity of winning money when you play casino games, the two are not that different. However, an age-long question is hovering about computer games and casino games alike. Do they have any influence over your health? Are they good or bad in terms of general health while you play them? Even though there are not enough studies on the effects of these activities on your body on a long period, we’ve put together some of the known effects of both activities. 


A Boost in Brain Power – Cognitive Retention and Information Processing

It’s good to focus on the good things first. And, even if for quite a long period of time we were told that video games are bad for you because you damage your eyes or you’re spending too much time inside, it was proven that eSports help improve some brain functions. Gamers of all kinds are known to have, on average, better reflexes and an improved capacity to store new information. And it’s not just memory and reflexes that improve from eSports or playing online casino games, your motor skills also improve together with planning ability. Constantly solving puzzles in eSports or understanding the pattern in an online slot, can help you decipher puzzles more easily. 

As outrageous as it may sound to some people that are against eSports, playing such games can even improve your eyesight as long as you respect the recommended distance between your eyes and the display. To sum things up, people can train their multitasking ability, focus better, and even learn while playing online slots and eSports. 

Improved Decision Making

Even though this subject has been partially covered in the first paragraph, we’re focusing more on the decision-making process improved through eSports or various online games. To put things in perspective, you should know that some great football teams are using virtual games similar to FIFA and VR technology to help players simulate certain situations they may come across during a game. For example, they can simulate how an opposing defender would try to tackle him, or what move should he go for when trying to stop a high ball traveling at a high rate of speed. 

Besides helping real athletes better prepare for situations that would otherwise only be available during the official game, the use of virtual games also improves their ability to choose between two or more ways of approaching that situation. With enough practice, their brains will easily identify the best path to achieve great results. 

Alternative Sense of Achievement

Since depression and mental health is a very hot topic in 2020, we need to point out another amazing benefit of online casino games and eSports. They give the player an alternative sense of achievement that can compensate with the actual achievements during the day. So, even if the day isn’t going great in terms of job satisfaction or other personal issues, playing your favorite eSports and winning a match, or hitting a nice win playing your favorite online slot or table game can give a person the needed boost of joy and adrenaline to improve their mood. 

Of course, it’s a two-way street as losing an important match can bring negative feelings as well. However, as long as you’re not focusing strictly on winning, both eSports and online casino games are great ways of relaxation and entertainment. 


To sum things up, eSports or casino games don’t have any negative physical effects as long as you approach them with the sole intention of relaxing and having some fun. Also, it’s good to know that you can damage your health if you’re staying too close to the screen or you’re sitting for too long on a chair. However, as long as you’re careful about these aspects, you can get your share of casino games at 24Pokies – best online casino to play at home

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