All You Should Know About Rad140 Testolone

Updated on March 18, 2023

Professional athletes and bodybuilders use anabolic steroids for their muscle growth and to energize their bodies. These anabolic steroids not only improve their performance but also they can go through long practice and workout sessions.

But with the passage of time, they understood the negative effects of these anabolic steroids they may face due to their regular intake in their bodies. To overcome this problem the pharmaceutical companies manufactured “RAD140Testolone” more commonly well-known as “Testolone.”

Testolone is a kind of chemical known as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It duplicates the activity of testosterone in the human body. Radius Health Inc. introduced RAD140 as a potent orally bioavailable non-steroidal SARM. This compound finds its beneficial role in pre-clinical animal tests but also enters human clinical trials. Its first human study was started in October 2017 in postmenopausal women with breast cancer. 

Why use SARMs over anabolic steroids? 

SARMs are preferred over anabolic steroids because they carefully select androgenic receptors present in bones and muscle tissues. They specifically work for each androgenic receptor whereas anabolic steroids do not. The natural hormones androgens are present in different proportions in both male and female bodies. They help in developing male features and controlling the growth of secondary sex tissues.

The major androgen which is present in a very high quantity in males is testosterone. It regulates the reproductive activities in males. SARM reproduce the functions of androgens and attach themselves with their receptors directly. SARMs are very specific and sensitive in their action and they give the best results. Comparatively anabolic steroids can be dangerous and create health issues like liver problems, breast growth in males, and irregular hair growth in different parts of the body of both males and females. The side effects of SARMs are negligible in comparison with anabolic steroids. 

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Beneficial effects of RAD140 Testolone:

RAD140 testolone is very popular among gym boys and bodybuilders. Athletes prefer the use of RAD140 testolone in place of other anabolic steroids. There are certain potential benefits of RAD140 testolone discussed below:

  • Easy and legal availability in market: RAD140 testolone is easily available in the market and also it has a legal advantage over other testosterones. 
  • Fast muscle development: regular use of RAD140 testolone can help achieve 4-6 kg muscle mass gain only in 4-8 weeks.
  • Strength achievement: Testolone provides wonderful strength gains. It is great stuff for breaking unproductivity in males especially. It produces red blood cells and increases blood supply to muscle tissues. Regular use of testolone for 3-4 weeks can significantly increase muscle strength. 
  • Lose the extra fat from body: due to increased metabolism and strong activity, the RAD140 testolone helps to reduce the body fat, and ultimately it protects from different diseases. 
  • By using RAD140 a faster regeneration and training can be achieved.
  • Pumping: RAD140 testolone usage can enhance the muscles. By using testolone, muscles hold more and more water which makes them appear bigger and harder. The veins also develop and become more visible.

Mass spectrometric characteristics of RAD140:

The growing scope and usage of new drugs represent a big challenge for laboratories and analytical research. Recent analytical techniques need to be expanded and to be commercialized. Drug abuse is a critical phenomenon in sports sector so it is very important to analyze the sports drug RAD140 testolone.

Mass spectrometry is most commonly used method to analyze the characteristics of RAD140 testolone by collecting samples from urine and blood. These application directions will support and accelerate structural explanations of  RAD140 and/or its metabolites, this practice can also throw light on the analysis of sports drug samples in the future. 

Neuroprotection by RAD140:

Reduction in testosterone levels in males during normal increase in age enhances the risks of dysfunction and illness in androgen receptive tissues, as well as the brain. The excessive use of testosterone therapy has the possibility to increase the threats for increasing prostate cancer and accelerating its progress. To cover this problem, innovative compounds termed as “selective androgen receptor modulators” (SARMs) have been developed that significantly reduce the androgen action in prostate but exert agonist effects in select androgen receptive tissues. The usefulness of SARMs in the brain is mostly unknown.

Metabolic properties of RAD140:

Biotransformation of RAD140 can be determined by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry. The most important biotransformation pathways for RAD140 included hydrolysis, hydroxylation, glucuronidation and sulfation. For monitoring the abuse of RAD140, along with its metabolite in sulfate form give the longest detection time in hydrolyzed urine and can be detected for up to 6 days post-management. In plasma, RAD140 itself can give the longest detection time of up to 13 days. 

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How to use RAD140?

It can be used in the form of capsules because it does not fill the stomach with powder or liquid. Gym boys also prefer to consume RAD140 in the form of capsules. The initial dose can be 1 capsule per day while it can be doubled from the next week. In the case of a new consumer, it is recommended to take 8 to 10 mg of RAD140 testolone once a day and should be continued for at least six to eight weeks. For those who have more experience and are professional gym practices, can consume up to 20 mg once a day for about a period of 10 weeks.

Side effects and limitations of  RAD140 Testolone:

The following symptoms can occur due to consumption of RAD140 testolone:

  • Initial use of RAD140 testolone can cause sudden abdominal pain.
  • An excessive dose can cause kidney stones to develop.
  • The natural growth rate of testosterone in body may be troubled if consumer constantly keeps on consuming artificial testosterone from outside sources. The level of testosterone might rise and body may stop increasing the same on its own.
  • Carrying out massive workout sessions for muscle building and fats reduction by using RAD140 can have negative effects. Exercise and bodybuilding for a long period of time to increase muscles may not be supported by the body as the body has its own demand and ability to grow and build up the muscles. This can lead to severe muscular and body pain.
  • RAD140 testolone attempts to boost the body. New consumers can feel very impatient, a little nervous, and uneasy initially. Ultimately, there are high chances that consumer may get tempered or may feel tired.
  • Regular consumption of RAD140 testolone may cause continuous pain in the head and severe feeling of illness.
  • The consumer may also face skin discoloration, marks or spots on the skin due to excessive use of RAD140. 


RAD140 testolone is one of the most flourishing and popular selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) which has many beneficial roles for bodybuilders and gym men. The only thing which must be adopted is to take this modulator after the careful prescription of a physician or registered dietitian. New consumers especially can face some problems and side effects but these can be overcome.

In the future, studies can be made to check the desirability and acceptability of an exercising person before the usage of RAD140 testolone, and advanced analytical techniques must be utilized to analyze.

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