All you need to know the health benefits of a clean car

Updated on April 29, 2021

Ever felt that sense of accomplishment and clarity whenever you cleaned the clutter in your room? Ever noticed how nice it feels when you visit someone’s house and it is sparkling clean? Similarly, a clean car says a lot about the person taking care of it. Suppose you see an advertisement of used nissan altima for sale, then you could expect that it should be well maintained and clean car with no scrathes. There are a lot of people who do not mind spending the chump change on a visit to the car wash but that is not the whole job done. 

Often, jobs like auto detailing are paid too little attention too which are otherwise vital as a health benefit to the car. In the long run, it helps keep your car in pristine condition and in the best shape possible. This pays along the way when you get your car for sale on the forums, used Toyota Camry for sale, used Honda Accord for sale, 2021 Toyota RAV4. Yes the last one needed to be mentioned as to when you get a new car, your care should not end by the first 2 years itself when it is shiny and new.

A clean car apart from all other things also means fewer distractions which makes you a safer driver on the road. A cleaner car means routine maintenance is easier to handle as well. Let’s face it whenever you are searching to buy a used car on forums like a used Toyota Camry for sale, used Honda Accord for sale, you are more likely to pay more for a car that actually looks well maintained. If you are the seller, it will also be easier to get the car off your hands. Let’s look at some reasons why you should keep your 2021 Toyota RAV4 clean as long as you can.

Longer Vehicle Life

Waxing the car’s exteriors is a pretty common practice in car spas, but it does more than adding that impressive shine on your car’s paint coat. As you keep driving your vehicle across cities and landscapes, your car comes in contact with a lot of dirt and salt, and the longer they stay on the body of your vehicle, the more they corrode the body of your car over time. The benefits go beyond just keeping the paint job in good shape, they extend to the engine, however you need to do much less here, a simple wipe down can take care of the buildup of debris.

Better Mental Health

No, it’s true; you spend a considerable amount of time inside your car, you are bound to feel more focused and organized if that environment is clean. As mentioned earlier, decluttered environments are instant mood boosters and the same holds true for the car you are in where you contemplate your days to and from work, and for the same reason, you may also meditate.

Safer Driving

This has been mentioned briefly before, visibility is paramount while driving, and dirty windows and rear windows will not help with that. Keep them clean and you will have a better sense of what is going on around you. Make sure to clean your headlights too for maximum illumination which can literally save lives while driving in inclement weather or worse night-time.

Better physical health

We have been taught this since we were kids, dirty surfaces aid in bacteria build-up, the perfect recipe for getting us physically sick. Even if you are a tidy person, it is not very easy spotting the buildup on hard surfaces. Then there are the seats and flooring which gather dust and residue. People with allergies and breathing problems may also have problems with poor air quality.

Improved Fuel Economy

A little bit of dirt on its own might seem light, but think of all the dust that your car has accumulated, that adds some weight to the car, not to mention the extra surface area adds drag on the vehicle. This results in a reduced fuel economy which means a dirty car is more money spent.

Personal Pride

Okay it may not be that big of an incentive for some people. But it sure does feel good whenever you sit inside a clean cabin. Not to mention when you invite someone you want to impress, a clean car is the best way forward. 

The car after all is an accessory with which you are associated even if it is not a status symbol for you. If you take care of your personal appearance, it is only obvious you would want to reflect the same with your car spending that fair bit of money on the make, color, and model of the car is half the job done, keeping it as enticing for a long time is the next part.

All these incentives should motivate you enough to take good care of your automobile, so it’s time to get started. Routinely your car might ask for some professional detailing jobs apart from going to the car wash. However, there are a lot of jobs you can do just fine at home as well. Who knows, this might even ignite a new flame for the car for you too.

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