AirSnore Review: Can it Help Your or Your Partner’s Snoring Problem? Customers Say So…

Updated on February 25, 2021

AirSnore is a mouthpiece that solves the problem of snoring. It is an apparatus that comes in one size and fits everyone. People try to get rid of snoring by using various uncomfortable contraptions or even surgeries. AirSnore is marketed as a painless and simple way of getting rid of the unsettling noise that snoring creates. No external help is required to fit in an AirSnore and it doesn’t take much time either.

AirSnore is designed to comfortably fit inside the mouth and open the upper airway a little. AirSnore uses natural ingredients like sunflower, peppermint and lavender. Getting rid of snoring not only ensures a good night’s sleep. Medically known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, snoring can have serious long-term side effects. 

It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited. They market AirSnore mouthpiece along with AirSnore drops and offer great discounts on both items. Wolfson Berg assures complete satisfaction with AirSnore. It offers a great money-back guarantee to back this assurance. Maintaining an AirSnore mouthpiece is quite easy too.

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AirSnore Review: Brand Overview

Wolfson Berg is a reputed company in the healthcare industry and has been in this industry for the past 10 years. AirSnore is sold only through their official website. 

Airsnore’s market reputation is backed by hundreds of positive customer reviews. All these lend a lot of credibility to the product.

Lab Tests and Results

AirSnore is a device accompanied by a naturally produced multi-ingredient oil. It doesn’t use any chemical and therefore, doesn’t warrant the need for a lab test.

A study examined the technical features and the value that the device generates. It checked the tray calibration, tongue restraint and positioning of the device, apart from the affordability. It noted that AirSnore has acceptable features which are backed by excellent customer service.


AirSnore is available on the AirSnore official website, It doesn’t charge any separate shipping fee and offers free worldwide delivery

AirSnore reserves the discretion of accepting or refusing orders. It can also limit the purchase per person, per order or household.

It accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit and debit cards. Online options like PayPal and Skrill are also accepted. All payments are secured through Norton online shopping guarantee.

Return Policy

AirSnore assures guaranteed solutions for snoring. It takes care of any customer dissatisfaction by offering an easy and liberal return policy. You can use AirSnore for 30 days and apply for a return at any time within 60 days. AirSnore gives you a full refund against your returned order and packaging. 

How to use AirSnore?

AirSnore oral device is used before going to sleep. Putting it to use doesn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes. You have to use a boil and bite process to use it. Firstly you have to prepare a bowl of boiling water. The water should be sufficient for the AirSnore to submerge completely. A similar portion of cold water should also be set aside. The device should be inserted into the boiling water for about 30 seconds so that it softens. You have to take it out of the hot water and wait till it cooled enough for you to bite it. At this time, the hole retainer plug should be inside the mouthpiece. As you insert the device, your low jaw should be in a frontal position. By keeping the lower teeth slightly ahead of the upper teeth, you will be able to sink your teeth into the device perfectly. Once you get a firm grip on the device, keep it inside your mouth for a minute or two. Thereafter, you have to submerge the device in cold water and keep it there to toughen.

If you don’t get the perfect fit, you should repeat the process till you get it. A perfect fit is not only important for the effectiveness of the product. It will also make sure that you don’t feel soreness in your jaw the next morning. 

How AirSnore Works?

Snoring is the soft tissue vibrations in the back of the mouth, nose and throat. This happens when the airways in your throat and nose happen to be too narrow. As a result, the air that travels through them faces resistance, causing the soft tissues to vibrate. What AirSnore device does is that it opens up the oral cavity slightly. By relaxing your jaws and opening the bite, it makes air passage easier. Air doesn’t vibrate against the soft tissues as air resistance decreases. 

AirSnore also increases the inflow of oxygen while breathing. Once you use AirSnore in the advised manner you will be able to make most of the air hole in the mouthpiece. With less air resistance and more oxygen getting inside with every breath, snoring goes away. 

The recoiling of our tongue during our sleep is the main cause of decreased airway. We have discussed that AirSnore is built in a way that puts the lower jaw a slightly ahead of the upper jaw. Since the tongue also rests on the lower floor of the oral cavity, AirSnore pulls it forward too. It stops the tongue from recoiling backwards and narrowing the airways. As a result, there is more space for the air to travel. Thus, there is no possibility of internal tissue vibrations.  

AirSnore drops add to this by further clearing out the flow of air. It has decongesting and soothing properties that keep airways open even in the case of flu-like allergies and cold. Its natural oil-based ingredients have other benefits as well. The benzodiazepinein the lavender oil induces better sleep. The tryptophan in the sunflower oil can cure insomnia and mild depression. 

AirSnore Highlights

Wolfson Berg manufactures AirSnore in FDA approved facilities. It automatically renders the production of a high-quality benchmark in terms of production standards and ingredient quality. This makes AirSnore a highly effective product in addressing snoring.

Snoring hampers the effective sleep of a person. This can lead to various long-term health problems. It includes a lack of energy, headache, depression, weight gain and weakening the immune system. Obstructive sleep apnea, the common condition behind snoring, has its own set of health hazards. It can increase cholesterol, pressurize your blood pressure levels and heart conditions, and increases the risk of stroke, type-II diabetes etc. Therefore, AirSnore offers much more than the unwanted midnight noise.

Sleepless nights can also be induced by common ailments like cough and cold. These ailments cause congestion in our respiratory system that deprives us of sound sleep. AirSnore drops have a special combination of natural oils that decongests the airways and soothes the breathing process. When rubbed on chest, neck and nostrils, AirSnore ensures peaceful sleep. When combined with the AirSnore mouthpiece, sound sleep is a guarantee. 

AirSnore drops contain sunflower oil which is rich in vitamin E. It is good for skin and acts as a carrier for the other oils in AirSnore. Eucalyptus leaf oil induces vasodilation properties that improve blood flow. Its decongesting properties helps to soften and clear out mucus and provide relief from cough and cold. The lavender oil acts as a relaxant that is good for insomnia. It cleans airways and helps unclog blocked sinuses, just like peppermint leaf oil. Peppermint leaf oil also has painkilling and muscle relaxing properties, so it soothes sore throats and aching muscles. Lastly, the scots pine leaf oil clears out mucus and phlegm. It soothes aching throat with its pain-relieving properties.

AirSnore Benefits

The following benefits sum up why you can use AirSnore,

  • AirSnore facilitates better flow through the mouth,
  • The AirSnore drops let you breathe easy,
  • The drops also clear out congestion,
  • It relaxes muscles that experience sore throat and muscle ache,
  • It can also relieve people suffering from irregular sleep and insomnia,
  • There is no metal or other uncomfortable material used in AirSnore,
  • AirSnore is made in an FDA recognized facility,
  • Its boil and bite use process makes it a perfect fit for everyone,
  • It rules out any dissatisfaction with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

AirSnore Side Effects

It is a simple oral device that can be bought along with a drop made of natural ingredients. Therefore, it doesn’t have any significant side-effects. However, users have felt that, 

  • There can be the discomfort of having a device in your mouth,
  • As it alters the jaw positioning slightly, it can put a little pressure on the front teeth,
  • It can induce drool initially, which goes away with regular usage,
  • People with dental installations like dentures and crowns find difficulty in using it.

AirSnore Customer Reviews

A very satisfied customer of AirSnore shared her experience with her. She was tired of the difficulty of putting herself to sleep. Her husband’s snoring made their bedroom as noisy as a football stadium. S[he did some research and found out that snoring is just the tip of a disturbing iceberg of ill-health. Apart from the immediate health alarm bells that obstructive sleep apnea can ring, she was worried about the long-term too. Determined to eliminate long-term effects like depression and anxiety, she decided to try AirSnore and was satisfied with the results.

According to Jenna, her husband Dave(42), was sceptical about using an oral contraceptive at first. But AirSnore can be boiled and bit upon until it fits into the jaw. It took a couple of attempts at first, but once it fit like a glove it was easy. He used to snore loudly in spells and then stop briefly for a moment after a jolt. This stop-go, stop-go pattern deprived him of good sleep. However, once he started using AirSnore his sleep was completely smooth. It took him a few days to get used to having an “object” in his mouth, but he got used to it fast. 

Another customer pointed out that the positive effect of AirSnore didn’t get deterred even on days when he faced a cough and cold. AirSnore drops ensured that he got rid of nasal congestions and aches quickly. It gave him a sound sleep no matter what.

Conclusion: Would We Recommend AirSnore?

AirSnore is a popular Mandibular Advancement Device. Wolfson Berg is a reputed manufacturer and it is made in FDA recognized facilities. Unlike many similar devices, AirSnore is easy to set up. AirSnore addresses snoring more holistically, through its drops. The combination of the device and drop ensures no snoring and better passage for breathing. Therefore, users have rated it as the most complete anti-snoring solution.

AirSnore device is made of medical-grade thermoplastic. The material is free from BPA and latex. It is priced competitively and comes with an extended money-back guarantee. It promises to take care of snoring problems, whatever be the severity. Therefore, it is a recommended product to anyone who is looking for a complete remedy from snoring.

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AirSnore: Frequently Asked Questions

How to use AirSnore?

AirSnore device can be put inside the mouth at the time of sleep. The mould in the device can be adjusted using the Boil and Bite technique explained in our How it Works section. The AirSnore drops can be applied in the chest, neck and nostrils as and when required.

Is it safe to use AirSnore?

AirSnore mouthpiece is a natural way to stop snoring. It is made from non-toxic and medical-grade materials. The AirSnore drop is made of natural ingredients. This makes AirSnore a very safe product.

Does AirSnore cause discomfort?

Many anti-snoring devices can put your jaw in an uncomfortable position and leave you with a sore jaw. AirSnore is designed to fit the shape of your jaw. Therefore, it fits in perfectly and shape can be adjusted with the Boil and Bite technique. Having any foreign object in your mouth might bother you, but with AirSnore awkwardness, if any, quickly wears away. 

Can it be used over dentures or missing tooth?

This will depend on the case. Some people have used it over their dentures, crowns and missing teeth, while others have faced discomfort. It is best to take the dentist’s advice rather than ruling it out without trying.

How to maintain the AirSnore device properly?

You should clean the AirSnore mouthpiece after each use. It can be done by soaking it in toothpaste and water or a denture cleaning solution for 10-15 minutes. 

How to avoid snoring through my lifestyle?

People who sleep on their back are more likely to snore. So sleeping sideways should be practised. Overweight is linked with snoring, so you should try to lose weight to avoid snoring. If you smoke, quitting it can make a difference in your snoring. Lastly, people who consume alcohol before bedtime are also more likely to snore. You should avoid drinks in the last three hours leading up to bedtime.

Why is AirSnore called a Mandibular Advancement Device?

Mandibular Advancement Devices hold the lower jaw and tongue forward to eliminate tongue-based snoring. Thus AirSnore’s mechanism makes it a Mandibular Advancement Device.

What is the Boil and Bite technique?

It is the same technique used by boxers while wearing their gum shields. By using boiled water and cold water, the user can mould the device according to their jaw structure. This activity is called the Boil and Bite technique.

Is a prescription required to buy AirSnore?

No prescription or medical recommendation is required to buy and use wither the AirSnore mouthpiece or the drops. People with dentures, crowns etc. can, however, take the opinion of the dentist before using it.

Does AirSnore have a return policy?

AirSnore has a very lenient money-back policy. You get 60 days from the date of receipt of the product. This gives you a long period to check if the mouthpiece and the drop are suited for you or not. 

Where can I buy AirSnore?

AirSnore is sold on their official website You can buy the mouthpiece or the drop, or both as a combo pack.

Are there any discounts and money-saver offers on AirSnore?

AirSnore mouthpiece and drops both are offered at a discount on their maximum retail price. If you buy the combo pack, you get a $30 discount on the MRP.

How can I pay for my AirSnore purchase?

AirSnore’s website accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit and debit cards. They also accept payments through Skrill and PayPal.

How long can I use AirSnore?

AirSnore provides a long-term solution to snoring. It can be used as long as you want it. You may have to replace it at some point because of normal wear and tear. The drop is used only when it is required to clear out congestion and other breathing or sleeping discomfort. 

When should AirSnore be used?

It is not required if you aim to stop snoring only. However, if you are facing trouble falling asleep due to congestion, allergies, or any other discomfort in your respiratory area, using AirSnore drops can be a good idea. You can keep it as a back up to be used in case of need. People buy it together with the mouthpiece as an all-in-one solution for snoring.


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