AIM’ing For Simplicity and Growth with New Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Karen Kanir

Karin Kanir
Karen Kanir

AIM EMS Software and Services is revamping itself for the next generations’ EMS agency utilizing bundles and blending. Karen Kanir, new Vice President of Sales & Marketing, has her sights set on refocusing its sales process.

AIM EMS Software and Services touts over three decades of EMS product and service delivery by enhancing its EMS product lines and adding contracted services for the EMS billing industry. Kanir is helping to expand the reimbursement narrative of the industry by utilizing her years of marketing experience, as well as best practices concepts, and simplifying the back-end business portion of operations. 

There are major developmental changes happening within AIM to better serve the EMS billing industry. Without adding flashy new products, the expanded sales force is hyper focused on what they are offering and how they are offering it, as well as a new vibrant logo.  An updated and user-friendly website is also down the pike.

“We have the best of both worlds, Kanir says. “We are rebranding to stay fresh with the current times while keeping up with technology. Rebranding through innovation helps us to streamline simplified communication to easily do business with us.”

Kanir’s goal is to improve and simplify EMS dispatch, ePCR and billing software and service experience for its customers. Adaptation is key while expanding its operations. Nonetheless, the AIM price point is the best value. AIM commits to basing prices per size of the agency, while focusing on the art of bundling. Pricing is geared toward those who don’t need excess in technology.

Kanir says, “Adding salespeople in the field as we make these monumental changes will be key in our strategic success. We are a regional company with local representation so we will need face-to-face operations along with our technological revamp to assist everyone.”

Expanding into territories, and more defined by proximity, helps to make clients feel more comfortable and adds the personalized touch that tech can’t miss. By blending the advantages of technology and face-to-face interactions, AIM will be able to tackle its niche market. 

“The manual aspect still exists and there is no room for error.” Kanir says, “We take care of the business side so the EMS professionals can take care of the patients. When prices are affordable there is more breathing room, and we want business to grow so our process is reflected. It is my job.” 

About AIM:

AIM EMS Software and Services is a group of motivated IT and service professionals that provide mission-critical EMS software and services to the national Pre-hospital community. 

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