adyn, First and Only Test Designed to Prevent Birth Control Side Effects, Gets IRB Approval and Demonstrates Important Results for Women to Reduce Risk of Blood Clots

Updated on March 17, 2023

adyn, the first and only test designed to prevent birth control side effects, announced several important milestones and achievements since the launch of The Birth Control Test last spring.

In May 2022, adyn launched its flagship product The Birth Control Test, the first test designed to prevent birth control side effects. With nearly 200 types of available birth control and no intelligent way to choose between them, women endure years of trial and error to avoid unwanted and dangerous side effects. Thanks to adyn, for the first time, consumers can now select a birth control method best for their biology and personal reproductive health goals in as little as 30 days.

Since the launch of the Birth Control Test, adyn has:

  • identified genetic risk for blood clot in 7.5% of its initial population, helping women avoid or switch away from high-risk, estrogen-containing birth control methods;
  • received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to allow customers to opt-in to research to advance women’s health discoveries;
  • seen 94% of its consumers start a new birth control or switch birth control based on their test results;
  • sold The Birth Control Test to customers in 43 of the 47 states where it operates;
  • started offering The Birth Control Test to consumers under 18 with parental consent;
  • received Fast Company’s 2023 Most Innovative Companies award, recognizing the company’s achievements in women’s healthcare.

“We are thrilled to be reaching so many people across the country, helping them find the best birth control option to reduce their risk of side effects,” said Dr. Elizabeth Ruzzo, founder and CEO of adyn. “To realize that in less than a year adyn is already helping women reduce their risk of blood clots is extremely rewarding; we started this company to give women biomedical data so they could make more informed, potentially life-saving decisions about their bodies. We’re also grateful for the IRB approval as adyn’s mission includes advancing equity in biomedical research, and this will make it possible for us to advance inclusive scientific discovery.”

adyn is at the forefront of precision medicine which leverages genomics and other biomedical data for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions. Precision medicine has long been promised and more recently been possible thanks to high-throughput genomic sequencing and the large-scale population genomics studies which followed. Until now, oncology was the main player in the commercial application of precision medicine. adyn has now advanced precision medicine by bringing the first application to women’s health. 

The feedback from adyn’s users has been extremely positive; Chelsea G of Texas summed up her experience with a simple question, “This makes sense, why aren’t all doctors doing this?”

“adyn hopes all doctors will start adopting solutions like The Birth Control Test as they work to improve the standard of care for women’s health,” said Ruzzo. “The reality is that reproductive healthcare is under attack; we’re seeing this everyday including new suggested legislation to block abortion pills. While we appreciate early progress towards male contraception, we need to keep fighting for women’s healthcare rights. For adyn, this means giving women data grounded in biomedical research to make an informed decision about which birth control is right for them. adyn will continue to be driven by science to establish a new standard of care for birth control selection where no one is left behind.”

About adyn

adyn is a precision medicine company that combines hormone measurements with genetic analysis to generate medically actionable insights for every individual. The company has solved a pain point overlooked since the 1960s — finding birth control without adverse side effects. adyn’s precision medicine platform integrates accessible genetic and endocrine testing with virtual care and mail-order delivery of prescription pharmaceuticals, creating a new standard of care in the $1.2T women’s health market. This novel precision medicine approach has network effects for R&D. Led by a female Ph.D. in genetics and genomics, adyn seeks to advance equity in biomedical research to make scientific discovery more inclusive for all. Learn more at

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