Advice on How to Get Ahead in Nursing


Although it might not seem like it to the untrained eye, nursing can indeed be a competitive field of work, one that boasts a unique set of opportunities in terms of career progression. 

This is partly because the nature of the work is so diverse and essential, and there are plenty of superb educational routes to explore concerning the ancient discipline. 

For the practicing nurses among you, or the hopeful trainees looking to one day fulfill your dream role helping others on their journeys of healing, here are some top tips for taking your efforts to the next level. 


Actively Seek Out Promotion

In a demanding and competitive working environment, waiting around for someone to promote you to the next level might not be the best modus operandi. 

Actively seeking out promotion is a good way to help you flourish and consistently strive to break through to the next stage of your career. 

You can do this by making sure that your managers know you desire a promotion, and by developing your personal and professional skills to the best of your ability. 

There are countless opportunities to specialize and grow as a nurse, so if you feel like you’re beginning to stagnate in your current place of work, it may be time to look a little further afield. 

Nursing is an in-demand job. It probably always will be too, so don’t be afraid to look elsewhere should you need to. 

Keep Learning

Both formal education and experience are continuously crucial in the world of healthcare, so make sure you keep seeking out new opportunities to expand your horizons through new knowledge. 

Thankfully, online courses can be a superb help in this area. Since nurses are often extremely busy individuals, (as you will be all-too aware of) the extra flexibility offered by the remote form of learning can be a real convenience. 

If the idea of remote learning hasn’t quite got you sold, then don’t worry, many great in-person nursing courses are made with your career in mind; just check out the fantastic options at Aceso Institute of Health Professions for a prime example of both remote and in-person nursing courses. 

In many cases, education is the path toward meaningful progression, and it helps you sharpen your elite skillset for the future of your career. 

Follow Your Passion and Interests

If you’re stuck looking for where exactly you want to go next, it might be worth returning to what you love most about the job in the first place. 

For example, if you enjoy nothing more than working directly with patients and relish in the wonders of human interaction, you could consider a role like an FNP or a physiotherapy nurse. 

If you would rather spend time away from the patients, but you want to make a valuable impact elsewhere, consider becoming a nurse educator or an administrator. 

Specialist roles can be highly strenuous sometimes, so it’s worth making sure that you find the right path for you. 

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