Advantages Of Hygienic Wall Cladding


With local housing associations and authorities tasked with managing thousands of properties, making sure every single unit is in the best condition possible can be a little overwhelming. The property managers have to balance between rent collection, finding the best homes for clients, as well as ensuring all properties are in good condition through refurbishments and regular repairs. Hygienic wall cladding, however, eliminates the need to repaint walls especially after a tenant has vacated the property. 

Installing wall cladding to all the houses makes managing the properties a lot more manageable. Outlined below are some of the reasons you too should consider hygienic wall cladding for your home. 

1. Hygiene and Safety

Hygiene and safety are vital in every living environment. That said, hygienic wall cladding makes it easier to clean/wipe off everything that splashes on the wall.  All one is required to do is wipe off all splashbacks to restore the wall to its glorious look and feel.  In addition to this, wall cladding waterproofs kitchen surfaces and bathrooms, hence reduced risk of waterlogging and dampness. 

2. It Is Cost-Effective

Most local authorities have seen up to 50% budget cuts, which again makes it a lot harder to service these homes properly.  With social care still under the local authority’s responsibility, the managers have to look for more manageable ways to keep their properties in a good state. Unlike tiling, wall cladding is considerably more affordable considering they require minimal maintenance. Installing wall cladding is also relatively easy as well. This is because the cladding material comes in a large panel which makes installing on a larger surface area easier. It also takes less time to install wall cladding to a bathroom or kitchen – this translates to lower labor costs. It is also great for hygienic wall linings

3. It Is Durable

Kitchen and bathroom tiles are easily damaged. Most of the tiles will either crack of fall away calling for a replacement. The grout will start breaking too, which makes the condition even worse. The only way to restore this is by the local authority or property manager sending a contractor to fix/replace all these tiles. The tiles and labor mean more money out of the authority’s bank accounts. This isn’t, however, the case with wall cladding. Wall cladding can withstand most forms of abuse and still retain the clean smooth look. The cladding material is made of hard-wearing PVC which has been tested in various conditions and environs. You’ll never have to worry about small and recurring repairs once the cladding is installed 

4. Required Very Little Maintenance

Lots of money have to be budgeted for repairs and servicing required in most properties under the local authority’s care. Even more money is needed if some of the homes require refurbishing for restoration. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are labor and material intensive hence take up a good chunk of the budget. 

PVC wall panels do not, however, call for tons of servicing and maintenance. They are easy to clean and aren’t easily stained either. That said, you can be assured of a fresh-looking bathroom and kitchen for many years. This means you never have to worry about money going into repairs for the same.


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