A Shift In Healthcare is Underway as More Consumers Turn to Healthcare Subscriptions

Updated on January 15, 2024

A revolutionary shift is underway in the healthcare industry – and the way patients expect to receive care is evolving rapidly.  The ‘prescription by subscription’ movement is reshaping the patient experience by placing personalized care at the forefront. 

Modern consumers place convenience and personalized experiences at the forefront of their purchasing decisions, and it’s an expectation that also extends to modern healthcare consumers. The fundamental premise is simple: rather than traditional one-off prescriptions or transactional exchanges with a doctor, consumers can now opt for ongoing, subscription-based access to the medications and healthcare they need.

Modern Consumers Want Convenience

According to recent data from Recurly, a staggering 71% of American consumers aged 18 to 54, rely on subscriptions to achieve health and wellness goals. These health and wellness subscriptions range from prescription medications to stress management apps and biometric trackers. Prescription subscriptions alone witnessed a remarkable 22% year-over-year increase, indicating a profound interest in adopting subscription models as a convenient approach to health management.

The driving force behind the subscription-based healthcare trend is twofold – the proliferation of technology solutions and a paradigm shift toward consumer-convenient care delivery. 

“For consumers, health is a daily effort. Subscription-based health care models offer continuous monitoring and better engagement by design, built for an on-going relationship between [client] and provider,” explains Theresa McEndree, CMO at Recurly. 

Subscription-based healthcare models align seamlessly with this ethos, and make it convenient for patients to manage their health.  

The prescription by subscription movement, for example, offers the unparalleled convenience many patients are beginning to expect. Traditionally, individuals would navigate the burdens of prescription refills, timely visits to pharmacies, and potential interruptions in their medication regimen. The subscription model has made that burden obsolete for modern healthcare consumers, allowing them the peace of mind that comes with regular delivery of their prescribed medications directly to their doorstep.

Integrated and Holistic Healthcare is in Demand

Consumers have also come to expect a holistic and integrated healthcare experience.  Not only does integrated, subscription-based healthcare enhance accessibility for individuals with mobility constraints or those living in remote areas, but it also promotes timely healthcare interventions.

Beyond prescription medications, the healthcare subscription landscape has expanded to encompass a diverse array of services that cater to the holistic well-being of individuals. Health and fitness subscriptions, such as meditation and fitness apps have recently surged in popularity, offering users a curated selection of fitness and stress-relief practices from the comfort of home.

Improving mental health has also become a key component of holistic healthcare over the past few years. Mental health subscriptions have emerged as a crucial component of this shift, offering accessible and personalized resources for individuals in need of professional support. The appeal of mental health subscriptions lies in their convenience, affordability, and confidentiality. This approach not only reduces stigma associated with seeking mental health assistance but also empowers individuals to prioritize their emotional wellness in a way that seamlessly integrates into their daily lives.

How are Healthcare Providers Navigating the Shift?

Behind the scenes, healthcare providers are faced with navigating the shift toward consumer-centric, subscription-based care models. Although adapting to any major industry shift comes with challenges, there are also immense benefits to innovation.

Healthcare organizations who prioritize the growing demand for personalized medicine can also reap the benefits. The potential for recurring revenue streams is compelling. However, healthcare providers must also tread carefully to maintain client trust and ensure HIPAA compliance.

In the subscription-driven era of healthcare, the focus is clear – empowering patients in their wellness journey and embracing a future where personalized, continuous care is the new norm.  

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