Vape Safety 101: 8 Tips for Responsible Vaping

Updated on January 15, 2024

Vaping has burst in popularity over the past decade, offering an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. But while many view it as a safer, cleaner option than cigarette smoking, it’s not without risks. Like any device, there are right and wrong ways to use vapes.   

Taking proper precautions allows you to maximize the benefits of vaping while minimizing potential hazards. That said, this article will go over some important tips and proper habits that every responsible vaper should know for a safer experience.  

  1. Get to know your vape inside out  

When you first get a shiny new vape device, it’s tempting to rip it out of the package and start puffing away. But hold up! Take the time first to really get to know everything about your vape before firing it up. Read the instruction manual cover to cover so you understand exactly how to use all the features properly. Different devices have different settings and mechanics, so knowing yours specifically prevents mistakes.   

For example, if you’ve bought cigalikes, understand that they operate quite differently from the standard e-cigarette. That’s because they look and feel like real cigarettes, but they only produce vapor and not smoke. Cigalikes may be the best fit for people who are used to smoking real cigarettes and wish to transition smoothly to vaping. Just remember to stick to manufacturer instructions and default settings to keep your device operating smoothly.   

  1. Keep e-juices out of reach of kids and pets  

The vape liquid is an essential part of your e-cigarette, and no doubt that those bottles of vape juices can look inviting for unaware kids. However, these things are definitely not candy or soda. Many e-liquids contain concentrated nicotine, which can make kids or pets sick if swallowed. So, make sure to keep them locked away and out of reach.  

Treat vape juice like you would alcohol or medication and store it securely in a childproof cabinet or drawer. Whenever you refill your device, don’t leave e-liquid bottles uncapped and accessible. Pop the top and then immediately put the bottle away to avoid any accidental spills or ingestion.   

If you suspect a child or pet has gotten into your e-juice, call your doctor or vet right away, as nicotine exposure can be dangerous. Being diligent about storing vape juice safely reduces the risks of a scary accident.   

  1. Handle the batteries carefully  

The lithium-ion batteries that power vapes are super handy, but they require some tender loving care. If they get damaged from mishandling, they can overheat, catch fire, or even explode.  

Don’t leave batteries charging unattended overnight or for long periods. It’s better to keep an eye on them and unplug them once fully charged. Extreme temperatures can also spell trouble for batteries, so don’t let them get baked in a hot car or freezer burned in the ice box.   

If you notice any weird bulging or damage, stop using your batteries immediately. And when it’s time to toss the old ones, take them to a recycling center – never the trash!  

  1. Avoid vape modifications  

So, you probably just watched an online video on how to trick out your vape, and now you may be itching to tinker. However, any kind of homemade modifications or unapproved accessories can turn your sweet vape into a hazardous mess.  

Things like wrapping your own coils, adjusting voltages beyond limits, or improvising new tanks may seem harmless. But DIY modifications can lead to some seriously dangerous situations like leaky e-juice, electrical issues, or even battery explosions.   

Instead, play it safe and only use your vape as intended by the manufacturer. If you want to enhance your vaping experience, shop for accessories specifically made for your device model.   

  1. Select quality vape devices and e-juices  
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The vaping world can sometimes feel confusing, with new brands and products popping up daily. All those options are awesome, but it also makes it tricky to know which companies are legitimate. You want to avoid subpar vape cartridges or e-juices that may contain nasty chemicals or contaminants.  

When selecting a new vape or juice, go with transparent, reputable brands that can back up their quality and safety claims. Check company websites for things like independent lab testing and detailed manufacturing information. Steer clear of products with unclear origins or generic packaging. It’s safest to stick with regulated, mainstream vape companies instead of random corner store finds.   

  1. Know nicotine risks and set limits  

Nicotine may be the addictive chemical that makes vaping so satisfying, but it can have negative effects, especially in higher concentrations. Educate yourself on the potential risks of nicotine dependence and overdose. Symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and racing heartbeat are red flags that mean you’ve had too much.   

To stay safe, set some boundaries around your nicotine intake. Stick to lower nicotine concentrations in your e-juices and scale back if you feel yourself getting hooked. It’s also smart to set a limit on how often or how long you’ll vape in a day.   

Vaping doesn’t need to become an unhealthy habit as long as you keep yourself in check. And if you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes, be careful not to increase your nicotine consumption through extra vaping.   

  1. Avoid vaping in prohibited areas  

Vapes don’t produce smoke like traditional cigarettes, but there are still rules about where you can and can’t puff away. Even if you don’t see a clear “no vaping” sign, it’s best not to assume it’s allowed. Avoid places like restaurants, offices, and public transit that prohibit smoking. After all, vapor still contains chemicals that some folks don’t want to breathe.  

Save your vaping for designated areas or for when you’re outdoors and away from crowds. It’s also smart to avoid vaping around kids since the long-term impacts of secondhand vapor aren’t fully known. If you’re not sure about vaping in a certain area, just ask someone in charge before you start chucking clouds. Following vaping policies ensures the air stays clean for everyone to enjoy.  

  1. Keep your vape squeaky clean 

A dirty vape is an ineffective vape, so you should keep all those tubes, tanks, and parts gunk-free all the time. Refer to your instruction manual for tips on properly cleaning your specific device. Typically, a good rinse with warm water or isopropyl alcohol does the trick. Q-tips and pipe cleaners are handy for gently scrubbing down those tiny crevices and holes.   

Don’t forget to wash your mouthpiece regularly, too – nobody wants to swap germs! And be sure to dry each piece thoroughly before reassembling your vape. A damp connection or tank can impact performance. The flavor and vapor quality will also go downhill if you don’t swap coils and other parts at their recommended intervals. 

Key takeaway  

Vaping can be an enjoyable alternative to smoking as long as you do it responsibly. So, do your homework on your device and e-juices so you know exactly what you’re inhaling. While vaping comes with some risks, being an informed and responsible user keeps the experience as safe as possible. Most importantly, vaping responsibly benefits not just you but also those around you.