9 Pros & Cons of Buying an Expensive Laptop for Studying

Updated on December 8, 2021

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Have you ever dreamt of a super powerful and super expensive laptop? We bet you did. And, most likely, you were telling yourself off buying such a costly piece of equipment, looking for reasons why you do not need such a thing. However, probably, investing once is not such a bad idea.

Cheaper options may look just as attractive as their expensive competitors, but they do not guarantee to serve you well. After all, you do not want to end up losing your files or crying out loud while searching for a data recovery specialist.

We asked Anna Knowles to help students make up their minds concerning buying an expensive laptop. As an essay service writer, she saved lots of students with broken computers from having trouble with their writing assignments. She indeed speaks solid facts.

Arguments for Buying an Expensive Laptop

  1. What Will You Study?

This question is critical for your decision concerning the cost of your laptop. If you study IT, Data Science, Engineering, Graphic Design, best coding courses and other computer-related disciplines, having a powerful laptop is a must.

Cheaper options won’t let you install the programs you’ll need for your projects. Also, when it comes to expensive computers, they usually have a higher image quality. You’ll need it if you are a designer, an architect, or a programmer.

  1. Consider Your Curriculum

You’ll need a better battery if you plan to use your laptop without recharging for quite a long time. Also, some programs use more battery resources compared to others. Therefore, a dense curriculum may require you to invest more in your laptop.

Most mobile computer devices have in-built batteries now. It should make you consider buying a more powerful computer, and a more expensive one, instead of its cheaper competitor. It is always better and more economical to pay once and forget about it for several years.

  1. The Comfort of Your Eyes Matters

Whatever brands you consider, you should keep your health in mind. Study screen parameters and compare them against those accepted in the industry. Also, give a computer a test drive before actually buying it.

Since you study and work in front of the PC, the screen must have the best characteristics. You should protect your eyesight, and, if needed, invest in it. The more expensive the computer is, the more comfortable you’ll feel working with it.

  1. Cheaper Hybrids – Is It Worth It?

If you want to buy a MacBook but consider it to be expensive, do not fall for something cheaper. Do not buy an iPad that promises you some hybrid features. Yes, it is cheaper than buying a proper laptop of the same brand, but if you need a laptop, you need a proper one.

Consider saving some money on features you do not need. For example, you can buy a MacBook Air with its basic features instead of buying a MacBook Pro. All you need to do is to study your options and choose the golden mean.

  1. Memory Parameters

The more memory your laptop has, the more it costs. Still, having enough storage is one of the most important arguments for buying an expensive laptop. It is catastrophic to find out that you have a new PC that cannot install a program you need because of memory issues.

If you create music, work with large data files, install ‘heavy’ software, investing in a more expensive laptop is totally justified. If you use your PC to stream music, watch Netflix, and write essays, you don’t need lots of space.

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Arguments Against 

  1. Your Budget Will Suffer

Of course, hardly everyone feels okay about spending $1,500 on a laptop. For some students, this is twice or thrice their monthly budget. This is why there is so much hesitation regarding this issue.

However, some banks and organizations offer 0% loans or student discounts that you may find useful. You can be offered to divide the final amount into equal parts over 6 months and pay for your laptop by installments.

  1. Expensive Computers Mean Expensive Software

Most brands whose laptops cost over $1,000 insist that their users purchase licensed software. Even the well-known Microsoft Office package comes with a price. As a student, you do not have to worry: most software companies offer huge discounts on their products to students. At the same time, you get all the benefits of personalization and customization.

Also, there are lots of cheaper alternatives to popular software tools. Some of them are available for free, others need a small payment. Therefore, this argument should not stop you from buying an expensive laptop if you need it.

  1. Client Support

Some people worry that if their expensive computer crashes, they’ll have to pay double for service. This is not entirely wrong. Spare parts for more expensive laptops indeed cost more than for their cheaper alternatives. However, when you need to repair your laptop, you go to an authorized service center and can expect the best from it.

Moreover, expensive laptops usually have a guarantee that lasts longer. If something is wrong with your PC within the first year, you can even expect that the store will replace it with a brand new one.

  1. Expensive Laptops Attract Thieves

Any laptop attracts thieves. Anything that can be sold beckons them. However, the more money you spend on your laptop, the harder it is to get over stealing. Computer brands can do nothing to physically protect your property. Yet, they work hard to protect your data.

More expensive laptops have advanced anti-theft systems that turn your laptop into a pile of iron if it goes to the wrong hands. You can control it at a distance. Moreover, they often install some powerful location devices for you to track your property if anything goes wrong.

Final Words

To buy an expensive laptop or not depends entirely on your needs. If you need something powerful and autonomous with large storage, then you have no other choice but to invest. If you can do without some advanced features and need a PC for some basic functions, a cheaper option will do.

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