Sip Your Way to Better Health: 9 Reasons to Start Drinking Ginger Tea Today

Updated on February 26, 2023
Discover the Many Health Benefits of Ginger Tea: From Improved Digestion to Reduced Inflammation and More

Growing ginger in your backyard or lawn? We have the perfect use for it. Fresh ginger extract has many benefits; our grandmas have always used it in their dishes. But what exactly are these benefits? 

Simply drinking ginger tea is so good for your body, and we will discuss each one of the benefits further in the article in detail. For now, let’s have an overview of them. Consuming ginger itself is helpful when it comes to digestion. 

For all those suffering from digestive issues, the ginger root contains a component known as gingerol. It helps with gastrointestinal motility, the speed at which food leaves the stomach, and continues with the digestive process. 

Ginger tea has exceptional health benefits. Once you try it and see the results, you will always crave more. Let’s find out more about ginger tea.

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What Is Ginger Tea?

Ginger tea is the simplest solution to many of your daily health problems. In addition to that, it’s as easy as ABC to prepare ginger tea. It can be made by simply infusing ginger in hot water for a few minutes, and there you have it, a cup of ginger tea. 

Not only that, you don’t always need fresh ginger to make it, but you can also make it with dried ginger or get yourself some tea bags from the market for a quick ginger tea. If you’re at home, slice some raw ginger into a mug, pour hot water in it, and your tea is ready. 

Apart from this, ginger tea is for all ages and genders. It helps reduce stress and blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps with migraine. Yup! We all know how frustrating and annoying it is to do the smallest of chores when suffering from a migraine. 

Studies have shown that the tea helps control blood sugar levels, so everyone at risk of diabetes should try ginger tea. It might not give you the same results as insulin, but it will surely help you.

Ginger tea can be consumed at any time of the day, and a cup is enough for the 24-hour cycle. It can be easily approached and is as economical as it can be. Like other natural remedies, ginger tea also has decades of use and has been passed on from generation to generation.

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The history of ginger tea goes back up to more than 5000 years. Originating in Southeast Asia, it was used mainly by the Asian community as a herbal medicine. Women in the past have been reported to use it to relieve their menstrual pain. It is said that ginger tea is likely to have been found by Austronesian people. By looking at its history, you can be confident enough to believe in ginger tea’s power. 

How Does It Work?

Studies have shown ginger tea’s anti-inflammatory properties play a violent role in treating morning sickness. Those who often suffer from nausea can benefit from it. Experts believe adding a moderate amount of lemon juice to your ginger tea can help increase its effects.

Ginger ale is a typical carbonated drink made from ginger. People often use it in place of fresh ginger tea. But it’s best to make fresh ginger tea rather than using the carbonated version of it. It helps the digestive process and allows the food to quickly pass through your stomach, decreasing inflammation and soothing nausea.

Ginger tea helps regulate hormones that reduce menstrual pains. It works as a detoxifying and energizing solution. The vitamins and minerals found in ginger tea play a big role in improving blood circulation.

Furthermore, it is good to drink ginger tea during pregnancy as it helps reduce stress and anxiety. It is also reported that ginger tea helps reduce motion sickness. However, all individuals may not seem to benefit from the result of ginger tea.

What Does Ginger Tea Taste Like?

We all know people who don’t like pizza, don’t we? If people can’t get themselves to accept and love the taste of pizza, then many other foods might not be liked by everyone worldwide. Like green tea, ginger tea can be easily made, but the taste is nowhere near the way green tea tastes.

Despite the antioxidant properties of ginger tea, a lot of people don’t like the taste of ginger tea. It has a bit of a spicy kick, making it difficult for some to drink it. If you want to try it, we suggest adding a bit of honey to your ginger tea to reduce its spicy kick.

Several people try gulping it like we do with those sour cough syrups. Nobody likes the taste to stay on their tongue for an extended period.

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Top Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea

Though there are many health benefits of ginger tea, we will discuss the ones observed by the public to a large degree.

  • Digestive Process

Ginger tea has been reported to be effective for good digestion. The longer the food stays in your stomach, the more complications you will bear. Ginger tea provides efficient digestion, treats an upset stomach, and reduces stomach pain or cramps during pregnancy and menstrual cycles.

  • Weight Loss

Apart from treating digestive issues, ginger tea is noted to help in weight loss. It increases blood circulation, increasing your body temperature, resulting in weight loss. 

When we do cardio, our core body temperature increases, resulting in increased blood circulation, which causes the burning of calories. Ginger tea somewhat does the same, but it is not as effective as other ways to burn that extra fat.

  • Antioxidant Properties 

Ginger is known for its antioxidant properties. According to a study, ginger’s antioxidants have effectively reduced oxidative markers in cancer patients. Drinking ginger tea helps in removing toxins from the human body.

Although the effectiveness of ginger tea is not near to the effectiveness of medications, it is the best natural remedy to fight those toxins.

  • Blood Pressure 

All the heart patients out there, this part is for you. Ginger tea has effectively maintained moderate blood pressure and decreased the risk of clotting disorders that cause a stroke. We might say ginger is a natural blood thinner. 

According to an experiment conducted by a team of professionals, ginger has effectively reduced the risk of coronary heart disease. Though the study was not on ginger tea but ginger, it still applies to ginger tea. The effectiveness might not be the same, but ginger tea still greatly helps you.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Above all, the most common benefit we receive from ginger tea is that it fights inflammation. Gingerol, a phytonutrient, helps reduce the chances of a person suffering from inflammation. Ginger tea might also help in building a healthy microbiome ( a group of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.). 

  • Headaches

A large number of people suffer from unwanted headaches daily. Recent studies have shown that the percentage of people suffering from severe migraine has increased swiftly. Instead of prescribing high doses of medicines, doctors are now trying to find natural ways to reduce headaches and migraines to reduce the side effects.

That being said, ginger tea has benefited people by reducing their headaches and suffering from migraine for a more extended period. Though it takes a bit of time, ginger tea does help you out.

  • Common Cold

Winters are almost here, which means suffering from a runny nose and cold. We know you will prefer a hot chocolate cup to ginger tea, but you might need to try it out for your own good. 

Ginger tea helps treat common colds. Its long history is filled with cases where the majority of people use ginger tea regularly during winter to avoid catching a cold. 

  • Motion Sickness 

Many people suffer from motion sickness. They avoid long drives and, unfortunately, miss out on the kind of joy long drives bring on an empty road. Motion causes one to suffer from nausea. It also makes one dizzy. 

To avoid these, we suggest you try drinking ginger tea next time you go out on a long drive with your partner.

  • Pain Killer 

We all suffer from pain at some point in our bodies. Especially when we enter adulthood, our joints kill us the most. Therefore, ginger can act as a natural painkiller reliever for you from joint pains and osteoarthritis.

As for muscles, ginger tea can help you cure those sore muscles after long gym sessions.

Though ginger tea has helped people in other ways, too, these were the most common health benefits of ginger tea. Apart from these, ginger tea also helps slow down the aging process. It might even help reduce the risk of a cardiac arrest. 

Who Should Avoid Ginger Tea?

We know a medicine does not suit everyone, just like that ginger tea might not be for you. Research has shown that due to some reasons, ginger tea might cause some complications for a percentage of people.

We know we said that ginger tea has a large number of health benefits, but according to a report, the following list of people should avoid using ginger tea on a daily basis.

  • Suffering from gallstone disease 
  • On high medication for diabetes 
  • On high medication for heart disease 
  • Pregnant women, especially in the first trimester 
  • Having a stomach ulcer 
  • Newborn babies

How To Make Ginger Tea?

In order to make it, all you need is some fresh ginger, water, lemon juice, and honey for taste.

Simply boil 1.25 cups of water, add your freshly sliced ginger, and then allow it to simmer. Note that the longer you simmer, the stronger and spicier the tea will taste. After that, add in your lemon juice and honey to taste. Give it a good mix, and enjoy!

How Would I Know If Ginger Tea Is Not My Thing?

You might be thinking that ginger tea suits you, but there are a number of factors or warning signs you do not observe.

Though ginger tea is a completely natural remedy, it still can cause serious issues, including:

  • Heartburn 
  • Bloating 
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea 
  • Constipation 
  • Burping

Note that these side effects may occur due to a number of reasons. On top, these happen because people drink too much ginger tea on a regular basis. We suggest you drink no more than a cup in a day. 

The best time to drink it is in the morning. It’s because your body was in fasting mode the entire night. So when you drink it in the morning, it charges your metabolism and prevents nauseous feelings.

Why Should You Drink Ginger Tea? 

As it boils down to that, the answer is simple, and the reasons are: 

  • Natural 
  • Easy to make
  • Fights inflammation 
  • Antioxidant 
  • Cures headaches 
  • Increases digestion rate
  • Light on the pocket 
  • Cures common cold
  • No gender discrimination 
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To Wrap Up: What Results Can Ginger Tea Give? 

Ginger tea has a long history, and it sure is present today because of its positive results. The scientific name of ginger is Zingiber officinale. Ginger is a flowering plant whose roots are used to make ginger tea.

Apart from this, ginger tea has its pros and cons, but so does everything. There is no age limit restricting who cannot use it. It has many health benefits, and just a cup can bring you the calm you are dying for. We hope you fall in love with it. Kudos to the man who brought ginger tea into our lives.

That brings us to the end of this post. We hope this article helps answer all queries you have. Happy drinking!

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