7 Videos for Sale at Vimeo On Demand

Updated on April 16, 2019

If you desire to astonish your customers and earn more flight requests – for 30 days – you will have access to this series of 7 (of the 27) Flight Request Stimulator videos that will provide you essentials to become familiar with some of what OutreachU is offering.

The Essential 7 are proven to work – if the principles communicated are applied correctly and relentlessly. These videos are a small portion from The Book of Outreach; How to Astonish Customers & Earn Flight Requests Learning Management System.

Begin to improve your Outreach and how you astonish customers immediately. Those that subscribe to this offering will be provided first access to the entire series of videos and limited edition of The Book of Outreach to be released soon. ROI = (Your Average Value Per Flight Request) / $49.00 (or if you are among the first 25 VIP Access Discounts; You Divide by $37.12). The national average value per flight request is $4,678.98. Do the math…a healthy ROI for your investment of $49.00 to earn more flight requests.

Go to https://vimeo.com/ondemand/7earnflightrequests.

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