7 Overlooked Positive Effects of Social Media on Your Health

Updated on October 26, 2021

When we talk about social media, the very first thing that might come into your mind is Facebook since it is the most popular social media platform today. However, social media simply refers to online sites and applications that allow people to connect and share content such as photos, opinions, and the latest happenings in real-time. 

When blogging became available, it is when social media also began to explode in popularity. People fell in love with social media because it’s an excellent alternative way to interact with family and friends despite long distances. 

However, too much use of social media comes with both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to our health. Some common problems, such as social media addiction, are experienced by many that cause them to have a lack of sleep. Some may also experience a certain level of stress, especially if they found themselves arguing with other people.

The good thing about social media is that it can also offer some health benefits. Below we have listed seven surprising benefits of social media to your health.

#1 Improve Mental Health

While social media addiction can have a negative effect on your brain, however social media allows you to create positive connections, not just with your loved ones but to other people as well. Social media is an excellent way to fight loneliness and social isolation, a situation that has a significant effect on our mental health if not treated rightly. For example, seniors who have limited mobility can use social media to still connect with the world, especially with their loved ones, even if they are far from them. 

#2 Help Fight Depression

Yes, you read it right! Using social media can also fight depression. A lot of people, especially the millennials, tend to be reluctant to talk about their problems with people that surround them. They are even more hesitant to open up, especially for subjects concerning pregnancy, contraception, or even acne treatments. But thanks to social media, they have found an alternative way of expressing themselves and get advice from the world. However, for the younger generation, it is still advisable for parents to closely monitor their child’s social media activity and encourage them to open up, especially if something troubles them.

#3 Strengthen Relationships

Aside from strengthening existing relationships, social media can also enhance and build new relationships with other people. After all, social media breaks down geographical barriers, thus allowing us to reach out to our colleagues and acquaintances in the other part of the world. With this, you’ll get to receive more love and become happier. Strengthening relationships develops strong bonds that make you happy, and it’s good for your hearth.

#4 Encourage Healthy Lifestyle

There are lots of support groups in social media that promotes the benefit of having a healthy lifestyle. Both on Facebook and Instagram, for example, you can look for groups based on specific interests like weight loss or heart health. Through them, you can get the encouragement you need to your journey of becoming healthy. 

#5 Opportunity to Express One’s Self

Social media enables every one of its users to freely express themselves to whatever they like as long as it doesn’t violate any laws. With this, one can conquer his/her fear of inferiority and effectively fights anxiety. TikTok is especially famed for this as it is extremely interactive. People also use automation services to grow their account whilst they play.

#6 Releases Oxytocin

By using social media, it triggers the body to release a hormone called ‘Oxytocin.’ This hormone is prevalent among pregnant women that cultivate an unbreakable bond between mother and child. For others, it is also called ‘Cuddle Hormone’ or the ‘Love Hormone because it is released when people cuddle up or bond socially.

#7 Offers the Latest Health Update

Also, there are lots of people, including celebrities that offer the latest and trending health updates that everyone may try. If you are looking for new health trends, social media always got your back. However, we highly suggest that you only choose the one that most social media users recommend. 

The Takeaway

Social media has lots of benefits not only through the means of communication but to the improvement of our lives as well. The only thing that makes it harmful is because we often misuse them. Educate yourself and be a responsible social media user, so in that way, they can make a positive impact on your overall well-being. Social media like Instagram has opened a wide opportunities for people. We really can’t ignore the positive sites of Instagram like, users are using the platform for online business and earning from there. However getting a good engagement is a crucial task for Instagram and that is why users often check out Instagram bot services to manage their account with more convenience

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