Can Bitcoin Online Gaming Help Mental Health?

Updated on January 16, 2022

Online gaming occasionally gets a bad rap, with some experts claiming it can be addictive. However, there is new evidence that it can in fact play a key role in reducing stress, especially during difficult periods in your life.

Experience and Instinct can Pick Winners

More good news is that there are games being created all the time that feature challenging scenarios and allow players to use their experience and instincts to pick winners. One thing that mental health experts agree on about online gaming is that it can help keep your mind sharp. It’s said the human brain is a muscle and muscles need exercise to stay healthy.

Wide Variety of Gaming Options

So, it makes sense to take some time and dig through the internet and see what provokes your interest. One place that’s popular among long-time online gamers is bitcoin casino reviews at casinoproper. You’ll find a wide variety of gaming options, including some new concepts that challenge you to defend your treasure from attack rather than build it up. Seems simple but it turns the whole concept of gaming on its head by allowing different personality types to play at their own comfort level.

Valuable Gaming Information

The result is a more personal experience in which the game adapts to you rather than you adapting to the game. The idea is that you decide how much risk you want to include in each play. Behavior experts who have studied how the human intellect works when challenged found your mind will look for patterns that your experience identifies as either valid or invalid. In other words, your experience can identify what are very subtle differences between genuinely valuable gaming information and what is questionable and may be trying to lead you astray.

Social Strategy Gaming Keeps Growing

Among the most popular online games are ones based on strategy. The main reason is because you, the player, have more control over the outcome than a game of pure chance. The player also dictates the speed, another key reason strategy game always ranks at or near the top in popularity polls. One area that continues to grow quickly is “social strategy gaming.” That’s when you play live against other live players in a kind of community of gamers. You can play as a member of a team against other teams, as a solo player against groups of other individuals, or even just one-on-one.

Online Gaming and Mental Health Merging

Online social strategy gaming has long been popular with veteran players. They say it not only provides them with their online casino fix but creates a fantastic opportunity to meet their fellow internet gamers in a social media type setting, and allows them to keep abreast of the latest trends in areas like online bitcoin casino action. Gaming has not only become another form of social media but is known to be an important way to deal with stress. What’s interesting is that gaming is merging with what are called “mental health apps”. These are smartphone apps designed to assist people who have various psychological issues. 

Share Knowledge, Techniques & Strategies

Experts widely accept that there is in fact a potentially positive connection between online gaming and mental health, especially in the areas of memory, mental reflex skills and an issue that affects countless people, isolation and loneliness. The critical part of connecting mental health apps and online gaming is that participants have a built-in topic of interest. In other words, it isn’t about just sympathizing with others, which is of course always valuable, but the entire community is focused on online gaming. That allows members to share knowledge, techniques and strategies with fellow players.

Enjoying the Gaming Experience

New friendships can be built up over time and become as important as traditional connections. A real benefit of combining mental health and online gaming is what psychologists call “flow”, when the player’s mind is expanding and developing new skills. There is also evidence that when a player is deeply focused and really enjoying the gaming experience, the brain releases a naturally produced chemical called “dopamine”, resulting in a totally organic “high.” All fascinating stuff that we’ll keep an eye on as online gaming and mental health continue to evolve in new and incredible ways.

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