6 Ways to Get More Clients Walking Into Your Skin Care Clinic

Updated on January 14, 2021

One of the biggest industries out there is the global medical aesthetics sector. A report from MarketsandMarkets revealed that the sector would reach a whopping 15.9 billion dollars by 2025.

A factor behind the growth of this industry is the media blitz focusing on the perfect looks of celebrities. When a star, such as an artist belonging to the top 50 most popular women list, endorses a particular skin care procedure, you’ll have people looking for a local skin clinic that provides the same service.

If you want your medical aesthetic clinic to flourish, you’ll need to build strong connections with clients who want to look youthful just like a Hollywood star.

You can attract more clients to your skin care business by taking note of these six tips:

  • Provide Convenient Consultations

Patient consultations are crucial in creating a relationship with prospective clients. Try to schedule clients for periods that won’t mess with your treatment appointment time. This way, you can use your downtime to stimulate new client traffic through consultations. During your one-on-one with potential clients, you can use this opportunity to promote your latest skin care deals, such as Botox treatment specials, and come up with a personalized treatment plan.

  • Create a Social Media Business Page

Having a business page on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media websites will keep your brand visible and active to a broader audience.

After creating these pages, interact and engage with users and potential clients by doing the following:

  • Running a contest (winner gets to enjoy a special prize or a discount for one of your top skin care services)
  • Advertising limited-time promotional deals
  • Answer queries from social media followers
  • Provide informative and interesting content related to beauty and skin care
  • Post Social Proof Online

When prospective clients discover your skin care clinic on the web, you should make sure that they find testimonials from satisfied clients. Encourage previous clients to leave written reviews about your clinic and its services. Then, post the best testimonials on your website or social media channels.

Apart from written feedback, you can ask your previous clients to post their before-and-after shots on Instagram or Facebook with a hashtag associated with your brand.

  • Follow up with Prospective Clients

Following up is vital in drawing new clients to your skin care clinic. After all, people get busy and become forgetful. Taking the time to reach out to potential clients gives you the opportunity to build trust and keep your business at the top of their minds.

Instead of simply sending follow-up emails and calling it a day, go the extra mile by applying these tips:

  • Clearly and casually reference your previous e-mail communications. Don’t readily assume that your skin care clinic is still fresh in your clients’ minds. Begin your follow-up with contextual details reminding the recipient about your brand and services. Then, casually mention specific info about previous progress to keep the conversation moving forward.
  • Keep your follow-ups short. Resist the urge to ramble in your follow-up communication with the prospective client. If possible, write what you have to say in three to five short sentences. You can come up with a more extensive e-mail communication when the prospect responds.
  • Follow up with your prospects more than once. If your e-mail remains unopened, don’t lose heart. Stay persistent by strategically sending multiple follow-up e-mails.
  • Add a call-to-action in your e-mail. This could be anything, from scheduling an initial consultation with your clinic to watching a promotional video. Make sure that you explicitly ask your prospect to perform your desired action.
  • Distribute Marketing Materials 

Apart from a solid online marketing campaign, you can attract more clients using offline methods, such as distributing brochures, business cards, flyers and other marketing paraphernalia to the people you meet.

You can also give out flyers and brochures at industry-related exhibitions, conferences and trade shows. People visiting these events will likely hear about your brand and check out the services of your skin care clinic.

  • Optimize Your Website

Given that more people are going online to search for information and look for businesses near their area, your skin care clinic needs an optimized website. You want your business to be readily visible on the first page of the search results when potential clients are searching for skin care solutions.

If you’re unsure how to optimize your website, hire an experienced and reliable digital marketing agency that can take care of your online marketing needs.

These six tactics can help you draw more clients to your clinic. Following these suggestions will also help you rise and stay on top of your competition.

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