6 Surprising Benefits of Promoting Home Test Kits

Updated on December 24, 2021

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Promoting home test kits and diagnostics tools may seem counterintuitive in the medical field. However, these advancements are quite beneficial on several levels. Rather than taking away from medical service profits, these tools help streamline services and even improve profitability for medical practices.

Here are six surprising benefits of promoting home test kits to keep in mind when considering this option in your medical practice.

Reducing Strain on Healthcare Systems

While many healthcare systems in developed countries have struggled under aging and increasing populations, the global pandemic brought those issues to new light. The already burdened healthcare system quickly became overrun, both with COVID-19 patients and delays in regularly scheduled care. This tenuous situation led many innovators to dedicate more time to creating and distributing home test kits (read more at https://easytesthub.com/). 

Using home test kits and diagnostic tools dramatically reduces the strain on the healthcare system. Rather than redirecting services and resources for testing clinics, patients can test themselves at home and call for next steps. This process dramatically limits unnecessary calls and appointments, opening up channels to those in need.

In light of the global pandemic and the popularity of home test kits for COVID-19, it’s expected that popularity will also grow for other home testing options.

Aligning With Telehealth Services

Cloud technology had already created new opportunities and interest in telehealth and remote medical services prior to March 2020. However, due to the global pandemic, US telehealth service use increased to 78 times its previous adoption rates from 2019 to 2020. Since the initial increase during the early days of the pandemic, it’s since leveled out to 38 times higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Using home test kits goes hand-in-hand with telehealth services. These kits allow for diagnostic testing without requiring in-person medical appointments whenever possible.

Improving Treatment Timelines and Prognosis

Those who live in overburdened health care systems are well aware of the recent increase in wait times and treatment timelines. For many people, every delay in getting treatment can have a negative impact on their prognosis for serious diseases. For someone with cancer, for example, starting treatment early can be a matter of life and death.

Unfortunately, home test kits for disease diagnosis are limited. However, as the use of home test kits becomes more widely accepted, more resources will be allocated to further developments. Medical practitioners can help with this process by advocating for their use. 

Better Background Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests are an excellent way to provide a snapshot of what’s happening in a patient’s body at that particular moment in time. Using home testing and biometric tracking creates the potential for a broader picture and more in-depth medical history.

Fit-tech also plays a role in creating better background diagnostics for patients. Many medical professionals are using data from smartwatches to help get more information about blood pressure, sleep, heart rate, and so on. 

Cost Reductions in Medical Practices

Conducting tests in a medical setting is significantly more expensive than promoting home test kits. When you conduct testing in your medical practice, you pay for the equipment, staffing, and other overhead costs. There’s also the consideration of lost revenue when evaluating the time spent testing one patient over treating another.

Promoting the use of home test kits can help you focus on better revenue-generating appointments and tasks without sacrificing the quality of care. 

Benefits Patients With Mobility Challenges

For some patients, getting to diagnostic facilities is a significant obstacle. Elderly patients and people with physical disabilities face more challenges in getting to appointments and receiving the treatment they deserve. Promoting home test kits will help improve the patient experience and prioritize health equity.

For these reasons, medical practitioners should consider promoting the use of home health kits whenever possible. Over time, it’s expected this form of patient empowerment will become commonplace. 

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