6 Applications That Are Shaping The Future Of The Healthcare Industry

Updated on March 8, 2021

The healthcare industry has undergone a massive change during the last decade. The advances of science and technology made their way into the healthcare industry and gave it a much-needed facelift. 

Right from online doctor consultation to in-home lab tests, these advancements made healthcare accessible like never before. Now, it is easy for anyone to reach out to a medical specialist, get medicines delivered at home, and even book an ambulance with a few taps on a smartphone. 

Here are the 5 applications that are shaping the future of the healthcare industry. 

  1. Generis

This application thrives on making the lives of people better by helping them develop a better understanding of their genes. It offers health advice, fitness recommendations, nutrition recommendations, and supplement recommendations to the users based on their DNA.

It gathers DNA data from Ancestry.com and 23 and ME to curate a health plan for their users. The genetic experts use more than 50 genetic markers that have their impact on wellness traits. 

Once the experts have essential information regarding the user, the app creates safe, accurate, and practical steps for them. By studying the DNA details, the app makes customized recommendations. 

The users that do not have their DNA data on these websites can provide their lifestyle inputs and fitness goals to get recommendations. 

  1. Teledoc

In times of the global pandemic, Teledoc offers great relief to the patients who are not in the favor of risking their health by visiting any medical facility. Moreover, this application is a boon for elderly patients and those with limited mobility. 

Teledoc connects patients to well-qualified and certified doctors over the phone or through video calls. The patient can select a doctor and contact them anytime to get health recommendations. The application also allows doctors to prescribe medications. 

Furthermore, the app’s integration with Apple HealthKit allows for a better user experience and a correct diagnosis. 

  1. Microsoft Healthvault 

Microsoft Healthvault allows users to keep their medical records safe and within their easy reach. This document organizing app also allows the users to share their reports with healthcare professionals. 

It provides a safe place to organize the relevant health documents and monitor daily health metrics like blood pressure, blood sugar level, oxygen saturation, etc. 

The users can either feed the data manually or connect this application to fitness trackers, medical devices, Wi-Fi bathroom scales, or any other healthcare application. With this, the data gets automatically updated into the HealthVault. 

  1. ClotMD

The name of the application says it all. This app caters to the needs of the patients that take anticoagulation medicines. With ClotMD, the users can connect with their healthcare or medication provider in real-time. 

Apart from its primary function, this application has several features that allow the users to calculate the dose, manage their INR levels, test schedules, access a built-in diet library, track the results, share the history and other relevant information with a healthcare professional, and more. The application also alerts the users in real-time about their testing schedules and appointments with healthcare professionals. 

  1. Leafly 

Leafly is a one-of-a-kind healthcare app that educates users about the therapeutic and medical uses of Marijuana. As the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of several health conditions is on a rise, the app provides relevant information to the users about Cannabis. 

On the app, the user can find information on different strains of cannabis, medical uses, and more. It also connects patients with healthcare professionals, clinics, and pharmacies. 

  1. Ambulnz

Ambulnz extends mobile medical services and transportation across 26 states in the US and also in the UK. 

The application extends at-home medical care to people within a few clicks. The app puts an end to medical transportation issues. Now, anyone can request medical transport and get updates on the real-time location of the vehicle. 

Ambulnz is all set to raise $90 million in order to expand and further improve their medical transportation during the time of emergency, as well as non-emergency cases. 

The bottom line 

These applications, with their coming-of-age features and easy user interface, have made lives easy for patients and medical professionals. Before the inception of these applications, healthcare was never so accessible. 

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