5 YouTubers Who Will Help You to be Fit

Updated on April 18, 2022

Fitness is very important for any individual, irrespective of their age. If you wish to stay fit and get in good shape, then exercising daily is mandatory. Finding the best youtube influencers is quite an easy task  . There are many fitness YouTube channels that are popular and have a huge fanbase. They need to buy YouTube views as they have a great natural reach and a set subscriber base. If you are new to fitness and do not know where to find good workout routines and diet recipes, then do not worry as we have got you covered. 

You are at the right place, as we bring you the list of 5 Youtubers Who Will Help You to be Fit.

  1. Athlean X

AthleanX is one of the most famous and most followed fitness YouTube channels. Here you will get the best workout routines designed by the world-famous fitness freak and physician Jeff Cavaliere himself. He is one of the best strength coaches in the world and has a huge experience when it comes to working out every muscle of the body. The channel started back in the year 2006 and today has more than 12.4 million subscribers. The best part about this channel is that Jeff explains every movement in the best way possible. He carefully instructs and makes you understand the form. This makes the audience understand muscle movements and avoids any wrong form that might cause injuries in the future. This makes Athlean X one of the best fitness influencer YouTube channels.

  1. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is another great option for beginners. They have workouts of all types and have a wide variety in their playlists. This channel has almost 6.65 million YouTube subscribers. They have easy and fun workout routines and will help you enjoy the exercise process. They have produced more than 600 videos and have a huge workout variety. This couple is very popular and has more fans than any other fitness Youtuber couple. The unique part about the channel is that they also provide meals and diet plans. This makes them one of the best fitness influencers in today’s time.

  1. POPSUGAR Fitness

If you wish to get in shape faster and want active workout plans, then this is the best option for you. POPSUGAR Fitness has a wide range of Tabata, high intensity, cardio, and Zumba dance workouts. These will help you stay active and burn a lot of fat. Their goal is to make people healthy and tension-free. So, their workouts have been designed in such a way that an individual enjoys doing them. They are easy to follow and do not require any type of equipment or weights. Besides, this channel also brings in celebrity trainers for certain episodes. It has crossed the 5.50 million subscriber mark. You can consider this as your go-to fitness channel.

  1. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is one of the most followed fitness channels on YouTube. It has a subscriber base of more than 10 million users. Adriene has made this one of the most followed Yoga channels on YouTube. She does not need to buy YouTube views as some of her videos have gained 14 million views.  If you are an athletic person and want to work on your flexibility, then this is the best channel for you. The yoga flows are slow and relaxing. They will help you stay in shape. There are different routines for beginners as well as professionals. Also, this channel has tips for recovering from back injuries and posture problems.

  1. Blogilates

Blogilates is a famous Pilates channel run by Cassey Ho. She has been producing videos for the past ten years and has a subscriber base of 6.11 million users. Her workouts give results very fast. She provides fitness trackers, calendars, and tips to make your fitness journey better. The best part about this channel is that it not only has good workouts but also some amazing lifestyle tips. You should definitely consider using Blogilates as your fitness instructor channel.


This was the list of 5 Youtubers Who Will Help You to be Fit. These are some of the most popular accounts and have some great workout routines. We hope this list was helpful for you. If we have missed any great suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments section. Also, do not forget to visit our space for similar recommendation lists.

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