5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Spare Room

Updated on March 18, 2022
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If you love home décor and interior design and care about the environment, how can you do your part to create an inviting atmosphere while caring about the planet? Here are a few essentials you may need in your home that are sustainable for you and the Earth: 

Make it a comfortable bedroom for guests

One of the most common uses for a spare room is a guest bedroom. If you’re someone with loved ones spread around the country, it may be an excellent way to make sure they have a place should they ever need it or to encourage more visits to your part of the globe. 

While it is an investment, creating a comfortable space with everything from a memory foam mattress to sustainable bedding, having a lovely room for your friends and loved ones to stay in when they visit is worth it. If you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t hurt to have a space you can spend time in whenever you need a moment to be alone, as well.

Use it as an office

So many of us have resorted to working from home since the start of the pandemic, which means many of us need an office. Many people have rearranged their apartments and houses to set up an office nook, but if you’re a lucky one with a spare room, consider creating a safe haven for work by using it for your home office. If you have kids or roommates, this could be a much-needed office space for you to get things done.  

Create a game room

If you share space with someone else, whether a roommate or spouse, a game room can be the perfect way for you all to enjoy your relaxation without being in each other’s way. While one sets up their Playstation in the game room, the other can enjoy a movie in the living room. Additionally, a game room can be a great space to invite guests over for board games and more. 

Extra closet space

If you’re a fashionista with plenty of clothes to prove it, you may find that your bedroom closet space is sorely lacking. Instead of stressing about fitting everything in that room, you can instead use your spare room as an extra closet. 

Set it up with a mirror and vanity desk as well, and wow, you’ll have yourself the kind of closet that fashion dreams are made of. Check out sites like Pinterest or sign up to an interior design magazine to create the most stunning closet space possible. 

Use it as a studio

If you have artistic talent, you very well could benefit from the use of a studio. Even more so, if you’re someone who sells your art. From paintings to photography, there are many reasons why someone needs a studio. In fact, a lot of people have taken to creating studio space from their spare rooms since Covid-19 started as a way to start up a side hustle or dive into their talent. 

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In Conclusion

From a home off to a closet space, there are so many ways that one can use an extra room in their home for almost anything you can think. Game rooms or offices, there is no limit to the way you can utilize the extra space in your home. What kind of room do you want with your spare room? Are you about making friends and family feel at home when they visit or would you like to have a game room for you and your homies to play in? 

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