5 Tips on How to Make Employees Happy

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No matter what industry your business is in—from healthcare to hospitality to manufacturing—there are two key things you need for success. Keeping your customers happy and keeping your team happy is the secret to a thriving business. Knowing how to make employees happy can seem like an impossibility some days, but it’s not. Every person is different, and they have their own wants, needs, and agenda as they navigate the workday. You don’t have to know the details of everyone’s individual life and problems; however, there are some small things you can do every day to keep them happy and productive. Here are five tips on how to make employees happy.

Provide a Good Setting

The office fitout that people see every day have a direct effect on their mood and performance. If you went to work every day in a drab, boring, and uncomfortable office, you wouldn’t look forward to it. The physical and emotional comfort of employees is a big issue and for good reason. For example, workers with chronic pain from bad chairs won’t get much done thinking about how much they hurt. Look into ergonomics, lively colors, or softer lighting in the office to make it more welcoming.

Recognize their Progress

Correcting bad work habits and poor performance is important so employees know what not to do. Don’t make every interaction with an employee a negative one. If you only deliver bad news, they are going to hate to see you coming. Be sure to tell someone they did a good job when warranted. A pat on the back once in a while goes a long way.

Stress a Healthy Work/Life Balance

People will work hard for you and continue to do so when they know there is a break coming. Your business is important to you and your employees, but that’s not their whole world, just as it’s not yours. Knowing that the workday ends at 5 PM and they won’t have to worry about it until the next day is important. Compartmentalizing work and home life will keep them happy.

Provide some Fun Perks

The little things count. Give the team some small perks at the office that won’t break the bank but keep some smiles on faces. Offer a small assortment of snacks in the break room so people can get away from their desks for a few minutes and have a chat and snack with coworkers. Or offer a once a week hot breakfast for the whole office if the budget allows. Little things like this show you are engaged in the team and care about their wellbeing.

Get Involved

Get to know your team when you can. Don’t make everything about work all the time. Ask about their personal lives and how things are going, without prying. Getting to know someone on a personal level makes coming to work easier and makes it easier to engage them when there’s a problem.

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