How to Have a Work-Life Balance as a Dentist

Updated on February 14, 2020

Work-life balance is essential for ensuring the health and wellness of those in the dental field—or any field for that matter. In the field of dentistry, maintaining such balance is challenging due to stressful work conditions, heavy workloads, and other time-consuming or stressful facets of the job. They can all cause one’s personal life to suffer. Fortunately, there are many ways you can regain balance in your professional and personal life. To start, follow these tips on how to have a work-life balance as a dentist.

Track how you spend your personal time

To optimize your personal time, you must realize how it’s currently being spent. As such, logging how you spend your personal time is an important step towards achieving a healthy work-life balance as a dentist. Tracking how you spend your time outside of work for about a week should provide you with all the information you need. After you’ve gathered your data, try to find any areas where you might waste valuable time. For example, maybe you didn’t realize that you spend hours scrolling through your phone each week. By cutting out activities that you don’t perceive as worthy of your time, you can live a more fulfilling and well-rounded life.

Set boundaries for work

While it’s tempting to stay an extra hour or two at the office on particularly busy days, don’t turn staying late into a habit. Instead, set hard boundaries for when you’re at work and stick to them. Ensure that your entire staff knows the set hours that you’ll be in the office so that they know all tasks that require your assistance must be completed during that time. While there may be some emergency situations when you must deviate from these boundaries, stick to them as much as possible in order to obtain balance in your life. Setting such boundaries, isn’t just important for improving your personal life, but also your overall health and wellness.

Delegate your workload

Often, dentists make the mistake of being unnecessarily hands-on when it comes to their practice. As a result, they end up spending copious amounts of time doing administrative tasks or responsibilities that could easily be handled by a dental or administrative assistant. To help free up more of your time—and improve your practice’s efficiency—consider delegating your workload’s less specialized aspects rather than trying to do everything yourself. In doing so, you can invest more time and energy into your personal life without allowing your professional life to suffer.

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