5 Things to Check Before Ordering Surgical Face Masks

Updated on December 17, 2020

If you are a medical professional, you already know the importance of face masks in your day-to-day life. But as the pandemic has hit the entire world, the demand for masks and especially surgical masks, has increased tremendously. But have you ever considered that it is always better to check a few things when ordering these masks?! Well, here’s why.

Surgical Face Masks—A Healthcare Essential

Whenever you are dealing with biological contaminants, a surgical face mask from a brand like Safety & Mobility or any reputed brand is essential. Nowadays, almost every organisation, store has made it a part of their work culture to uphold the overall health standards.

Although the healthcare experts know how to choose the right face mask, you, as a layman, might have very limited knowledge of the same.

So here’s jotting down the top 5 things you must check before buying surgical face masks:

TGA Registration

Whenever you are ordering masks online, do check whether they are TGA registered. The Therapeutic Goods Administration is the regulatory body for Australia’s therapeutic goods, including prescription medicines, blood products, medical devices, vitamins and minerals, vaccines, sunscreens, etc.

Like the Safety & Mobility surgical masks, if your brand dealer is not TGA authorised, avoid purchasing any such products from that site.

3-Ply Masks

If you are a frequent visitor to the outdoors, use public transport, and access public places, then a single layer mask won’t do much good. Remember, dual-layer masks are a minimum requirement as they prevent the sneezing and coughing droplets from spreading.

And when you are using a 3-ply surgical mask, it performs best for all respiratory emissions types.

Well Fitting

Masks are meant to act as a shield, and hence, they should fit you snugly around the nose and chin. And please note, there shouldn’t be any large gaps around the sides of the face. It shouldn’t be too tight or overly loose, and the fabric must be breathable.

They should always come with a flexible earloop that doesn’t hurt. Additionally, if your surgical mask has an adjustable nose clip, then please go for it as the clip helps the mask to stay in place.

They Are Disposable

In case you have to visit health centres regularly for professional and personal reasons, it is better not to use reusable masks. You must have observed the health practitioners using the single-use masks, right? They minimise the chance of contamination.

When you are buying surgical masks, they are generally disposable, but it is always better to check the specifications.

NDIS Provider

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS is an Australian government scheme that funds costs associated with various disabilities. Brands like Safety & Mobility are registered NDIS providers. Therefore, it is always a wiser choice to buy from such makers, suppliers, or retailers.

Experts are always stressing the fact that masks are not replacements for social distancing but can protect you from germs and viruses to a certain extent only if you are using the correct products in the right manner.

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