5 Healthcare Marketing Tips For 2019

Updated on June 21, 2019

How many digital marketing tricks do you employ? A few of them are bound to become outdated in the nearest future.

In the digital marketing realm, innovations are appearing faster than you can say “conversion”. Staying on top of them is the key to success.

Unless you’ve come up with your own unique marketing tips this year, the below information can be extremely useful for your campaign.

Digital marketing for the healthcare sector is a bit different than for other industries. You can either suffer from the differences or take full advantage of them. Use these tips to do the latter.

1. Use Programmatic Advertising

With growing competition on the web, reaching potential customers has become a great challenge. Thankfully, the new technologies are giving healthcare providers an impressive tool.

Programmatic advertising is a way to automate your marketing process. By choosing these services, you are allowing the software to do the patient search for you.

All your marketing team has to do is find the right programmatic advertising platform for its needs, share the information about the potential clients, and advise how much money you want to spend on the campaign.

Experts from a digital marketing agency, Warroom, share that the program processes the information, finds the websites your potential clients visit the most, and bids for the ad space. If you win the bid, the spot is yours. Accordingly, the patients see your ads in the right place and at the right place.

Programmatic advertising doesn’t just help you find the ideal ad space, it provides important information for analysis so you can tweak your campaign timely.

2. Improve Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing strategies require constant adjustments. In 2019, the trend stays the same. You need to improve your content according to the ever-changing needs of your potential and existing patients.

According to San Diego dentists at Bajars and Bajars, more and more patients are interested in the way dental procedures are performed. By providing the information the patients’ needs, it’s easy to make a conversion.

However, many healthcare providers make a common mistake of using complicated language and jargon when talking about medical issues. It’s important to simplify the language as much as possible to make sure an average reader can understand it.

In 2019, it’s a good idea to focus on technological advances in the healthcare industry. Patients enjoy reading about new ways to deal with their problems or new technologies to help improve their life quality.

If you become a source of the most important news for at least one community, you are likely to attract numerous patients to your clinic.

Don’t stop at posting useful content on your website or social media pages. Go further to guest post on websites that your patients are likely to visit. Providing content for highly authoritative digital platforms is a simple way to improve conversion rates.

3. Give Out Freebies

Everyone loves freebies. In 2019, the love for freebies is unlikely to wane. In the healthcare industry, the patients are always on the hunt for information. By giving out free brochures and e-books, you can get valuable contact details for your further marketing efforts.

By arranging webinars or offering a once a week “a doctor will answer your questions for free” program on social media, you are making yourself fully available to the potential clients.

Patients, who take advantage of free consultations, are highly likely to choose your clinic the next time they need assistance.

4. Start Making Videos

In the past several years, videos have been making their way into our lives. And they are here to stay. Seventy percent of marketing professionals report that videos convert better than other mediums.

Videos will become a highly important part of any healthcare digital campaign in 2019. From service descriptions to patient reviews, film them all. You can consider working with a professional video making company to create promotional videos.

5. Use Online Reviews

The power of online reviews is hard to underestimate. In the world of digital communications, people often trust online reviews more than that of a friend. After all, five reviews are always better than one, even if it comes from someone you know.

Take full advantage of reviews by posting them on your websites and social media pages. Work hard to acquire these reviews from your existing customers. They are as good as gold.

Final Thoughts

The digital marketing trends for the healthcare sector are changing at the speed of light. The above tips can help you stay on top of your game in 2019. Pay more attention to your content, use the latest technological advances, and listen to your patients.  

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