5 Common Injuries When You Slip And Fall

Updated on September 15, 2020
Senior businessman falling near caution sign in hallway

When you fall down the stairs, your slip can cause more injuries than you can even imagine. In fact, slip and falls are the leading causes of serious injury in the United States. Most accidents occur on public or private property, but they can also happen on private property like inside your home.

Many people are injured every year when they slip and fall. Being injured by falling down stairs may not necessarily be serious, but it can certainly affect one’s quality of life. A person may experience pain, discomfort, or other symptoms after being hurt. 

Here are some common injuries that can occur when someone slips and falls:

1. Head Injuries

One of the most common injuries is head injuries, and even a slight blow to the head can cause serious complications. Head injuries are usually caused by falling on hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, or stone, or jumping from a high place. Head injuries can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. They can also cause bruises, cuts, and bumps. Head injuries can also affect the eyesight, especially when left unaddressed for long periods.

2. Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are common injuries caused when you slip and fall. Knee injuries can lead to arthritis or ligament damage. If you have a knee injury, you will need to visit a doctor immediately to get the right treatment.

3. Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are also common. Neck injuries caused by slips and falls can affect the entire neck. If the muscles surrounding the neck are strained or injured, you could suffer severe damage that could also affect the nearby body parts. For example, some people experience headaches, backaches, numbness, or tingling in the neck or face after they slip.

A great majority of neck injuries manifest the day after the fall. If you have a neck injury after an accident, then you may want to consider getting a neck brace or splint so you can avoid the possibility of further damage or aggravating the pain. You could also try using cushions designed to help relieve pain and promote healing of the affected areas. These products help support your neck and head while reducing the pressure so as to reduce pain.

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A man who slipped on a wet floor beside a bright yellow caution sign holds his back in pain

4. Back Injuries

Back injuries are also common injuries caused when you slip and fall. While your body is going through the motions of the fall, the force from the impact could cause damage to your back, neck, or your spine. If you’re injured to this degree, you will need a back brace to help support your back.

Injuries to the back can be caused by falls on hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, stone, or tile. If you accidentally hit your back on something hard and don’t get the proper medical attention right away, you may find that the injury could stay with you for years. Thus, have it checked so you may be prescribed medicine to heal your body. You’ll also be recommended to undergo physical therapy sessions to strengthen your back muscles and repair any damage that has already been done.

5. Bruises And Cuts

Injuries caused by falls and slips can lead to bruises or cuts, which manifest when the bone and muscle scrape against each other. Bruises can be treated with ice and rest, but other injuries might require surgery or special treatment. Sometimes, the bruise or cut might look like a pinched nerve and is difficult to treat.

Accidents that result in serious injuries or even death could be prevented if addressed immediately. Those who survive such accidents and took time off to recover would also suffer from non-medical yet related challenges such as the loss of income or employment benefits. 

It would be a different issue, though, if you sustained an injury due to an accident at your workplace. If so, it’s important to contact a lawyer from reputable law firms such as Spaulding Injury Law to discuss the possibility of claiming your workers’ compensation benefits. If the injury resulted in a loss of income, the loss could be deducted from your final paycheck, which leads to large tax deductions. 

Be Prepared

These common injuries should never happen without warning. The more you know about the dangers and the risks of slipping and falling, the better you’ll know how to avoid these injuries. Therefore, you need to learn the signs and symptoms of an accident so you could be prepared when the time comes. You can also check this video to know how vital it is for you to work with a reputable law firm when you suffer slip and fall at work.

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