3 Important Trends for the Future of Healthcare

Updated on September 14, 2020

While the vast majority of talk surrounding healthcare is currently focussed on the global health crisis and major challenges such as vaccines, there are still plenty of developments happening and trends developing. 

Throughout the world, healthcare systems face many challenges, constantly trying to improve their offerings in the face of growing, often aging populations. To help achieve this, there are a number of different trends that are establishing themselves in the most successful system. 

Investing in Future Care

In order to offer the best possible level of care in the future, you’ve got to be investing in future caregivers today. This means offering the best training possible and empowering people to take their careers to the highest levels. 

With a projected shortage of over 100,000 physicians by 2030 in the US, it is imperative that we find innovative ways to attract the best people into the industry to fill vital gaps. 

Not only are we faced with large numbers of physicians and nurses coming up for retirement in the near future, but there’s also an expanding, aging population that puts even greater pressures on the system. This is making the focus on high-value care even greater, and it will be a continuing trend in healthcare. 

Embracing Technology 

Technology has led to unrecognizable changes in virtually every industry and healthcare is no different. However, if we’re going to overcome the aforementioned challenges, then technology is going to have to play a prominent part. 

By leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, it’s possible to take a system that can be known for its inefficiency and completely transform the way it works. We might have limited resources, which makes it difficult to meet a growing demand, but at least we can ensure we’re getting the absolute most out of those resources. 

Finding ways to leverage technology into making processes more efficient is likely to be a big trend in coming years and will play an important part in the healthcare of the future. 

Developing Medicines of the Future

While the whole world is focussed on developing vaccines for the current health issues we face, it’s important that we continue to invest in developing the medicines of the future. 

Through innovative techniques such as using translation modulators, we can help to ensure that future medicines are more targeted, more specific, and ultimately more effective. This technology is already deep into its development, and will have major uses in areas such as fibrosis, oncology, Huntington’s, and repeat associated diseases. 

Research and development is always taking place to help develop the medicines of the future, but it’s important that we don’t lose focus on the important work that’s already taking place. 


Healthcare is changing at a rapid pace, and technology will play a big part in future trends. With big challenges to meet in the coming years, the healthcare industry must adapt, and with the help of innovation, it is doing so. 

These important trends will help us meet the healthcare challenges of the future, so it’s important that they continue to be a focus. 

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