4 Anxiety-Management Techniques and Tips

Updated on March 3, 2022

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Let’s face it, having anxiety is crippling and overwhelming. We get it and we know how difficult it can be to try and push through to the other side of it all. So, we want to remind you that you are not alone in the struggle that is anxiety. We are here to help you out with a few tips and techniques to better manage your anxiety and get you back to feeling like your old self.

Trying to understand  

Having anxiety tremors can be a scary side effect of your already existing essential tremor condition. Though anxiety isn’t the culprit behind these conditions, it can add to it and cause it to manifest in new ways. Having an understanding of the why and how behind an anxiety tremor is a great step in the right direction toward getting a better grip on how to work through things. 

Getting help 

Whether it is professional help, or from a support group of people in your same position, getting help and giving help is not something to overlook. Though everyone’s anxiety differs, a common problem with having anxiety is the fear that comes along with it. We know that reaching out and actually asking for help isn’t easy and it sounds scary, but it is something that can really change your circumstances if you get the proper assistance. Know that even though you may feel alone in your feelings, you never are. Once you have received the help you need and deserve, don’t be afraid to send a thank you note and a small treat to those that helped you. They will appreciate it and be happy to know you thought about them.

Try your best to relax


Ok, we know this one sounds silly, because of course you try to relax to let the anxiety pass every time. But we think it may be time to take your relaxation to the next level. Every person’s method of relaxing will differ. So, if you are a bathtub relaxer, invest in a few new bath bombs. If you are a facial or massage relax-er, get yourself to the spa to make it happen. Or maybe you are a cozy up with a new book by the window relax-er, then well… you know what to do. Basically, what we are saying is, don’t forget to invest your time in yourself and what it is you actually need. Go out of your way to make sure you are doing the best you can for yourself. You are worth it. Listen to your heart and your gut and go for it. It will help to keep your anxiety at bay and it will keep you in control.

Make changes 

Listening is an extremely important skill to have, especially when it comes to our bodies and our anxiety. Are you listening to your body and its needs? Have you pinpointed when your anxiety starts? What is triggering it? What seems to put it at ease? Your body communicates its needs, so make sure you are listening. When you listen properly, you can make the changes that your body needs to be able to heal, adjust, and learn. We know this year has brought on extra anxiety, so it’s time to try and make a change.

Know that tackling your anxiety head-on is not going to be easy, and it may take a while. But a step forward is always the way to go. You’ve got this and we are here to cheer you on.

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