3 Screencast Video Content Ideas for Healthcare Businesses

Creating video content can be an excellent way to market your healthcare business and attract more clients. However producing video content can be difficult, and is often a costly endeavor.

Instead of attempting to record a conventional video however, there is another option that you can use: Screencasts. By recording video footage from your computer screen you can create interesting video content more easily, and at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re not sure how recording your screen will let you come up with video content for a healthcare business, there are a few ideas that may help you get started:

Tutorial videos

Nowadays there are lots of digital healthcare products ranging from pedometers to smart devices, apps, eBooks, and so on. Because it will let you record videos from your screen, screencasts are actually the perfect way to create tutorial videos involving any of these products.

For example you could create a helpful tutorial video on how to monitor your pulse more effectively using a digital tracker. Or a tutorial on how to use one of the many health apps that are out there.

Essentially it could be about any task or problem that your target market is likely to want to know about when using a digital product they’d be interested in.

Expert interviews

Interview videos of reputable experts is a type of content that viewers tend to appreciate. But the logistics involved in setting up and producing a face-to-face interview video are challenging.

By using screencasts you’ll have an alternative: Set up and record the interview via a video call. In fact you should have an easier time finding healthcare and medical experts to interview by using this method, as it will be more convenient for them as well.

The only tricky bit may be that you have to make sure the video call quality is good before you record it.

Product reviews

In the same way tutorial videos can be created using screencasts, product reviews can as well. However, as tempting as it may be to review your own products, you should make it a point not to.

Instead, your focus should be on providing valuable and unbiased reviews regarding other healthcare products that may be useful to your viewers. The screencast footage that you record can show the features of the product, and maybe even provide a quick demonstration of how it can be used.

Now that you have several ideas, you can start to think about the specific video topics that you could create. The only thing that you really need to produce a video of this type is screencast software such as Movavi Screen Recorder Studio.

Think of screencasts not as a substitute to your conventional videos, but as an alternative option that you can use to produce video content quickly and easily. It can accentuate your marketing, and as you may have noticed the types of videos that it can create would be particularly well-suited for content marketing.

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