3 Reasons To Consider Trying Online Therapy

Updated on August 10, 2021

Therapy and psychiatry are important aspects of overall health. Many times, people mistakenly think that only those who have dealt with trauma in life need therapy, but even people who haven’t had traumatic experiences can benefit from talking out their everyday stresses and learning how to communicate more effectively in both their personal and professional lives. Finding a therapist and scheduling appointments into an already busy week can be difficult; luckily, online therapy and psychiatry are becoming more common and has several benefits.

1. Internet Therapy Is More Accessible

There are many reasons people can’t get to in-person therapy or psychiatry appointments. In rural communities, finding someone nearby can be difficult, and regardless of where someone lives, a person who doesn’t have transportation will have a more difficult time making it to appointments. Companies like Rey Health provide online or teletherapy appointments that make it easier for someone to get the care he or she needs without ever needing to leave home. Research also shows that those who begin with online therapy feel more comfortable going to someone in person if needed down the line.

2. Online Therapy Options Are More Convenient

Think about your busy schedule. You probably spend an hour or two per day commuting, at least eight hours at work, and then either need to run errands, go to school, or help your kids with their homework when you get home. Factor in the need for sleep and you probably don’t have a lot of extra time in the day to get across town to a therapy appointment. Online options are more convenient because you can do them from anywhere you have privacy. Use your lunch break for an appointment behind closed office doors or even in your car. Spend an hour at home with a therapist while your kids start homework or are doing extracurricular activities. Some online options even provide 24-hour services that allow you to schedule on weekends or late into the evening when needed.

3. Teletherapy Is More Affordable

Therapy can be expensive, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover it. While many states require insurance to cover therapy, including online therapy, this isn’t always the case. Plus, not everybody has insurance. Telehealth is often more affordable when you are paying out of your own pocket as well. Online therapists have fewer online costs since they don’t need office space or to create a physical environment conducive to work. This means they can charge less. There are a variety of options. Some places allow you to pay by appointment, so you only spend money when necessary. Other online therapy options charge monthly fees but give you access to appointments as often as you need them, even multiple ones per week. This means you can find an option that truly fits your needs and budget. 

Whether you want to communicate effectively, need to learn how to set clearer boundaries, or simply need to talk through something that’s been weighing on your mind, online therapy and psychiatry options provide essential services. Even if you’ve never been to a therapist before, there’s no time like the present to see how it can help you thrive. 

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