10 Resources to Learn Video Editing Online

Updated on July 8, 2021

Learning how to edit videos is not hard nowadays. Technology has played a pivotal role in ensuring learners gain steady and easy access to resources. For instance, you won’t miss a good tool that can help you gain tricks and tips on video editing. Interested in this? Take time and view more about an online video editor.

For now, we need you to understand that there are numerous resources for you to learn video editing online. Here are ten of the best that we think will highly benefit you:

An Online Video Editor Such As Promo.com’s

Promo is one of the best tools that you can find. It’s a great resource for novice video editors who want to become pros. You can use it to improve the skills that you already possess, and even learn new ones. It has a wide pool of templates and examples that you can take for further understanding.

Thousands of wannabe video editors and even pros use resources such as Promo to learn. They even have well-curated courses and topics that can benefit you as a beginner or pro. Want to become a better editor? Then try out such online video editor tools to become better at what you do.

Vimeo and YouTube

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As much as you may view these sites as entertainment places, they are equally very educational. Even tools like Promo post most of their tutorials and how-to videos on Vimeo and YouTube.

There are tons of online video editor classes that you can gain from these two sites. And the best part of it all is that you get all of them for free. YouTube and Vimeo don’t charge you to view content. You only get to view some of the ads there. And this is by no means a bad idea anyway.

Vimeo and YouTube offer endless resources for learning online video editing. But the risk is that not everything that you see here will be genuine. There are some fake and substantial tips, courses, and instructions present on these two video platforms. So, how do you sieve the good from the bad? The best answer to this question is that you should only focus on the verified YouTube channels or those with credible followings. You can also check on the comments section and see what other video editors think.

Wistia Blogs and Videos

Wistia is well-known for video hosting. However, they too have tons of tips and tricks that you can benefit from in regards to using an editing app. They have both written tutorials that you can get in the form of blogs, and also videos that you can watch for better understanding.

The good thing about using Wistia as a resource is that their content is also free for you. And this doesn’t mean that they compensate for quality, as the quality is still top-notch.

Larry Jordan

How better to learn about using an online video editor than through a veteran editor? Get years of experience from Larry Jordan online on how you can improve your editing skills. He hosts live training webinars, events, and conferences that can help you gain some of his tips and tricks. On his site alone, you can find as many as 1,300 easy-to-understand videos and tutorials that can help you become a better video editor.

If you like, you can equally access Larry Jordan on his social media accounts, especially Twitter. You’ll find him there answering most questions about video editing from his loyal fans.

Plural Sight

This is a video-training service based on a subscription model. If you have some little cash to spare, you can pay up and learn from pros how to become the best video editor. They have just about 3,000 training modules. These modules will help you understand 3D design and video editing to a great level.


Lynda is one of the largest and most detailed video training libraries that you can find online. With over 140 tutorials, you will understand more about how to use editing software to become a pro. You will learn everything to do with video editing to a great extent.

Udemy Video Editing Courses

Udemy is an online platform that centers on offering courses to those who want to learn just about anything. They mainly focus on digital professionals, including video editors. You can find an appropriate video editing course that will help you understand more about the field and profession.


Even though Coursera may not have a huge library of online video editing courses, the ones available here are more than useful. They will help you to understand well how you can create a video using editing tools, plus other online tools.


Here, anyone can create a course then sell it to other users. Thus, you can find tons of video editing courses that can benefit you from Skillshare. There are both short and precise or lengthy courses that you can benefit from.

American Graphics Institute

If you’re looking for live instructions, rather than pre-recorded ones, then this is your go-to place. They offer online classes that have support from professional live instructors. You can learn a lot here.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you have the resources above at your disposal, you can now become the professional video editor that you’ve always dreamt of. Take advantage of an online video editor to start your professional journey quickly.

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