Your Guide To Using a Water Pipe: Safety, Side Effects And More

Updated on September 13, 2023

What is a water pipe

During the last couple of years, many people have started to smoke different types of herbs, such as weed, pot, and other types of cannabis, alongside smoking tobacco. Even though people might think that smoking these types of herbs might be bad for people’s health, the benefits associated with smoking weed and cannabis are much more when compared to smoking tobacco. 

Due to this, many people started to look for ways to smoke these herbs easily while enjoying their hit. However, smoking these types of herbs requires different methods and devices. For that reason, companies started to come up with different devices and equipment to allow people a means to smoke different types of herbs while providing them with a satisfying and aesthetically pleasing smoking experience. 

Numerous devices are now available for people to use to smoke cannabis, but one of the most commonly used ones is the Diamond glass water pipe, also known as a bong. This type of smoking device requires additional steps from smokers to be able to take a hit. In other words, using a water pipe to smoke weed or cannabis requires additional steps compared to smoking a traditional cigarette. 

To smoke using a water pipe, people need to assemble the bong, fill the water chamber with the right amount of water, grind the herbs, store them inside the bowl piece, and, after assembling the smoking device, they need to dab the herbs with a lighter to be able to enjoy its flavor. 

Different types of water pipes

Even though numerous types of smoking devices are available nowadays, companies have also started to produce different types of water pipes (bongs), which have proven to provide people with a more personalized smoking device. 

When shopping for a water pipe, people now have the opportunity to choose the colors they prefer and whether they would like the water pipe to have decorative designs. 

Additionally, water pipes are made out of different materials: glass bongs – which are highly recommended as they have the longest product life-cycle out of all types, plastic bongs, copper water pipes, ceramic bogs, etc. 

Thus, when purchasing a water pipe, ensure to purchase the one most fitted for your preferences, and to understand what your preferences are, it is best to do research beforehand. 

A Guide to Using a Water Pipe:

Now that you have purchased the water pipe and have all the essentials available, you will need to follow a guide to use the device accurately and get the most benefits. 

1- Learn how to load the pipe

First, you need to learn how to load the pipe – how much water needs to be filled, how to grind your herbs, and how to assemble the pieces together. To accomplish this, try to read through the instructions provided with the device since different brands might have different methods of loading the water pipe. 

2- Ensure to use high-quality herbs 

Using the right types and high-quality herbs and cannabis is essential to provide people with a satisfying smoking experience. Getting the right flavor of the herb is the most important aspect of enjoying a hit. Thus, ensure to purchase high-quality herbs filled with flavor. 

3- Clean the water pipe as constantly as possible

Some people do not acknowledge the fact that cleaning a water pipe is an essential part of using the device. It is highly recommended to clean a water pipe after each use by soaking it in a mix of alcohol and salt.

The reason for this is that the smoke that passes through the water pipe can create toxic residue, which will start to build up if not cleaned properly. So, since there is toxic residue inside the water pipe, a smoker will start to inhale the toxins, which can increase the health risks associated with smoking. 

4- Know the safety measures of smoking the herbs

Even though smoking is considered bad for people’s health, smoking within a reasonable measure has proven to be helpful for people’s mental and even physical health. 

Cannabis and weed can act as a pain and nerve reliever, which has caused a reduction in feeling pain, less stress and anxiety, and overall, better health. 

However, to achieve this, ensure to know the safety measures – such as what dose is considered as healthy. 

5- Make sure you are using legal herbs

Finally, not all countries have made weed and different types of cannabis available for people to freely consume. Some countries allow the usage of these herbs only when doctors prescribe them, and if used otherwise, it is considered illegal. 

So, ensure to use only the legal types of herbs to avoid facing any charges that you might face due to a lack of knowledge. 


To conclude, a water pipe is a commonly used smoking device that people find interesting to use. Hence, following a guide, knowing the safety measures, and understanding the side effects is crucial before starting to smoke. 

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