Wrinkle Relaxers in Santa Monica

Updated on December 22, 2021

This process is known as a wrinkle relaxer because it is directly related to wrinkles on your face. The name wisely justifies itself and the purpose of this process is to reduce the number of your wrinkles. The process aims to contract the natural aging process and smooth out dynamic lines on the forehead and around the eyes. The lines occur on your forehead and around the eyes by repetitive movement of the skin of that area. Two non-surgical treatments can help you to achieve your goal. The goal of stop aging and look young once again. These are Dysport and Botox. Now let us understand what these both are and how they can help you?

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Dysport: – This treatment will help you majorly in the appearance of the lines between your eyebrows and the region of glabellas. These lines can vertically extend towards the forehead. For the people who are not getting any response to the Botox injection otherwise, have moderate to severe glabellas line, Dysport is recommended to them by doctors.

Botox: – This process is done the same way as Dysport. Botox is highly effective in curing cow feet, glabellas lines, and forehead wrinkles. There is little downtime phase in both treatments.

There is a combined treatment of both Dysport and Botox also with dermal fillers. Both products can be injected into the forehead and crow feet to remove the dynamic lines.  Santa Monica Botox facelift gives good results when they both mix with the fillers.

How does it work?

The process is simple as a small dose of Botox is injected on the forehead to minimize the pores. After this, the skin starts tightening and collapsing. This tightening and lifting of skin last up to four months and the intradermal injections of Botox along the jawline block the movement of plasma muscles. That gives your jawline a sharper look.

You can stop aging, no one can, but you can slow it down by investing in your skin. We have professional injectors who avoid overfilling and frozen faces. They mainly focus on natural results and natural-looking sharpness and edges. Do you have any plans for derma fillers? Want to know more about Dysport and Botox? So contact us.


You’ve probably attempted a tremendous assortment of serums and creams before searching out  wrinkle relaxers to eliminate your almost negligible differences. With all the experimentation, you need to be certain you are picking the right system for your issues this time around.

Disport and Botox are fundamentally the same as infusions, and they accompany a comparative arrangement of fixings and aftereffects. These two materials may not be ideal for you on the off chance that you’ve had instances of botulism previously or on the other hand in case you are oversensitive to dairy. Like every injectable filler, neither keeps going forever, yet Botox goes on for a few months longer than Disport. Your specialist should space your medicines for something like three months separated to permit your body to adapt to the injectable. For more data, set up a conference with one of our specialists so you can have a certain outlook on your


We’ve all seen individuals who’ve infused a lot of Botox and have a practically hilarious appearance. With all the Botox harrowing tales, you might be terrified to attempt any kink fillers whatsoever, yet our specialists are gifted at infusing the perfect measure of liquid to guarantee a characteristic-looking outcome where you can in any case have versatility in your face. We suggest that you read the Do’s and Don’ts of Botox Injections on our site

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