Workshops Don’t Work – CIL Equation Solves That Problem

Updated on November 2, 2021

By Rich Obertots


You go to a workshop and you get inundated with information – all day. You are exhausted at the end but so excited about it. Then what usually happens?

You get back to work – become overwhelmed with tasks and before you know it – it’s a year later and you are enrolling in another workshop – knowing the same outcome (or rather lack of outcome) is inevitable.

You took in so much – like a huge breath before going underwater – you try to hold it all in – then you exhale and it’s gone like bubbles of CO2.


When you go to a workshop – it is like one very intense deep breath. It will not support life-long learning. Who could live on one deep breath? Who could learn on one deep breath?

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THERE’S A WAY TO SOLVE THIS REPEATING PROBLEM; The CIL™ (Continuous Impact Learning) Equation

                     O² = Oxygen                  ∞ = Infinity

Workshop = O² x 1
CIL™ = O² x ∞

Workshop = One Deep Breath

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  • Weeks before your workshop you were provided a survey on the topic you want to learn and it asked you to express your frustrations, aspirations and asked you what primary outcome you desired after the workshop?
  • What if the Subject Matter Expert leading your workshop communicated with you about your survey comments and/or included your input in the workshop? And while there – asked you to express about it!
  • What if you were also part of a discussion group / on-line forum of individuals enrolled in the workshop weeks before your workshop that shared stories, short-comings and concerns as well as victories with each other and this was orchestrated by the Subject Matter Expert that would be facilitating your workshop?
  • What if – before your workshop you were provided on-line content on your topic to learn and process so that you were actually ready to begin to apply this knowledge at the workshop?
  • What if – while at the workshop you were already familiar with many of the individuals that were in your discussion group / forum and you felt as if you knew them and you could discuss in-real-time more about the topic and your expectations?
  • What if while at the workshop you actually produced WORK PRODUCT to take back to work so that you had momentum and a plan?
  • What if directly after the workshop you were provided more access to on-line learning modules, assessments and additional resources to reinforce and amplify what you learned using a rhythmic, pulsing and regular sequence?
  • What if you continued to apply the know-how and remained involved with your peers in the discussion group / forum that was monitored and overseen by a Subject Matter Expert?

Would your outcomes, impact and results compared to a typical static workshop be profoundly better?

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Winning an Olympic Gold Medal – Easy?

Becoming a Member of a Navy SEAL Team – Easy?

Earning a Degree – Easy?

Completing a Marathon – Easy?

Operating an Ultra-Safe High-Performance Critical Medical Aviation Program – Easy?


If you want easy – then keep spending your hard-earned money and precious time on traditional workshops.

If you CRAVE LEARNING THAT RESULTS IN ENDURING IMPACT you are the kind of professional ideal for Continuous Impact Learning (CIL™)

Continuous Impact Learning (CIL™) is breathing. The “breaths of learning” are ongoing, steady and life-long learning supporting.

Breathe = Learn = DO! = IMPACT

At ThinkThroughTools we’re passionate about transforming static workshops into dynamic
Continuous Impact Learning ™ Platforms.

Our new Flight Request Stimulator On-Line Learning System is part of our commitment to CIL™

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