Windbreaker and its Place in a Woman’s Closet in the Spring-Summer 2022 Season

Updated on August 11, 2022

The sun is warming up, but the wind is still cold? For such weather were invented windbreakers. They are small, windproof pieces that were first used only by athletes and then began to be used to compose street-style outfits. We’ve rounded up popular trends for spring/summer 2022.

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Pros and cons of windbreakers:

Modern synthetic materials, designed specifically for sewing sportswear, take into account all the disadvantages of cotton fabric. Polyester, nylon, and lycra in the material of the tracksuit will give it the necessary strength, resistance to regular washings, the desired degree of elasticity, and muscle support without restricting the movements of the athlete.

By adding special microfiber fabrics manufacturers of clothing for running and other workouts are achieving amazing properties – a suit not only allows the skin to breathe but does not get wet in the rain, and ensures reliable heat transfer and air circulation. In addition, synthetic suits are very fast drying, durable, and do not lose their shape from inevitable regular washings. Their main disadvantage in comparison with clothes made of cotton is a higher price.

Nine fashion trends that relate to windbreakers:


Loose silhouettes that add a slight sloppiness to the image are back in fashion. Their advantage is that they give freedom of movement, visually facilitate and slim silhouette, and look beautiful on everyone, regardless of body type and weight. Windbreakers-oversizes are suitable for those who like to create layered images. Such a windbreaker is perfectly combined with wide pants, knitted dresses, as well as classic things.


A lightweight model with a hood is the most practical element of the closet. Thanks to the hood adjustment you can “adjust” the clothes to fit you. Also, you’ll be reliably protected not only from the wind but also from rain: All outerwear is made of waterproof fabrics.


Now the model of denim is almost a universal clothing for any weather and life situation. Wear it with light dresses, skirts of any length, pants, and chinos. The sleeve may be of standard length. This is a popular reference to the style of the 1980s when riveted decor was in trend.


Such models are cut similar to the classic parkas: pulled down by the elastic band at the waist, have a straight cut, and a specific hem. Stylists recommend them to all without exception. However, a particularly long model, which reaches to the ankle, it is better to wear only high girls. Long windbreakers are well combined with sports leggings, white sneakers, and thin turtlenecks. Some designers propose to replace the windbreaker dress.


The coming season made to fall in love with either elongated women’s windbreakers or shortened. Outerwear of medium length is less and less frequently encountered in the photos of street-style fans. But if the long model has a practical value, then ultra-short models often perform only an aesthetic function.


Models in this style perfectly fit into the casual image. Laconic “military” style is appropriate both in urban images and in ensembles designed for walks in nature. The particular chic of the windbreaker is given by decorative elements like epaulets, pockets, rivets, and embroidery.


Whatever is happening on the fashion podium, designers do not forget about the clothes made of leather and synthetic materials. Technological eco-leather is excellent air permeable, water repellent, and has high wear resistance, while it looks very stylish. One popular version is windbreakers like a shirt.


Another trend is voluminous sleeves. Windbreakers with such sleeves resemble a cape and fit perfectly into an everyday image, especially if the model is worn with wide shorts, sneakers, and a turtleneck. By summer you can diversify your outfit with fashionable sunglasses.


A long or short model in light shades will suit those who even in their free time visit the office. The emphasis on the waist will help to create a feminine silhouette. Such a windbreaker is perfectly combined with trousers and skirt suits. And if you replace the pants with shorts, you will get an original set for walks.


The scope of windbreakers has greatly expanded. It is no longer just a jacket for sports, nature hikes, or walks with a child. Modern designers offer to include windbreakers in fashionable outfits, using the oversize format, denim, and leather, every possible décor, volume sleeves, and non-standard length. All so that the outerwear helps to create bright and non-trivial images.

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