Will Herbs Bring A Point Of Relaxation & Calm

Updated on June 24, 2021

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Stress and anxiety go hand in hand in the societal atmosphere today. Everyone at some point experiences extreme bouts of stress, which can ultimately result in general health issues. The chaotic schedules of meeting deadlines on the job, plus fighting to get to a child’s activities and then back home to handle dinner and the daily chores, can ultimately create a sense of panic. 

Typically, with these types of episodes, a resultant headache or worse, a migraine can create exceptional tension in the body’s muscles, making it necessary to find a way to calm the body and relax the mind. Today, most people prefer natural remedies over pharmaceuticals like herbs, juice shots like those from U Calming Co, and specific foods meant to ease stress. If you take the time to research, you can find the right combination to help in your particular situation.

Herbs have been a common remedy for centuries, working wonders for many people, whether for anxiety or periods of excessive nerves. Some of them boast an exceptional calming benefit over most of their pharmaceutical counterparts. It’s merely a matter of studying the elements and speaking with a medical doctor to ensure proper usage.

Which Herbs Will Bring Relaxation & Calm

With the episodes of stress that people endure today, everyone is looking for natural ways to stave off the general health symptoms that follow those bouts. Usually, a severely tense day can bring tight muscles, resulting in a powerful headache. No one wants to employ pharmaceuticals with the added potential for adverse side effects.

More people look to natural remedies as was used centuries ago, like herbs, using foods, and even juices comprising vegetables and natural ingredients. These introduce no harsh elements for the body to try to process. 

Still, they allow the system to take these substances and use them to help bring the body back to a balanced, functional state. Learn about the benefits of products like juice shots at https://greatist.com/health/juice-shots-benefits/. Herbs are a big part of that, and some of those people look to include:

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** Ginger

The herb is an aromatic example of a substance used for centuries for natural remedies in a traditional healing concept for many purposes, but anxiety was among them. Gingerol is a primary component that is an antioxidant meant to do battle with the harsh chemicals the body creates when it is feeling intense moments of stress.

These bouts can lead to general health concerns like a sour stomach because acids typically generated to help digestion become hindered. Ginger is a natural stimulant for the stomach’s acid development. 

The suggestion is to enjoy the substance in tea by using a teaspoon of the chopped herb in two cups of boiling water for approximately ten minutes. After straining the elements, you can add lemon juice and honey to your liking.

** Chamomile

Ancient Greeks employed chamomile, as did the Romans, for the effects produced as a remedy for calming. Studies suggest the herb not only has the capacity for relaxing users but can also reduce episodes of anxiety, a challenging disorder. 

The phenolics like quinones, flavonoids, and acids, plus the antioxidant components in the plant, are responsible for the relaxing characteristics. The herb also has the capacity to renew appetite typically lost with bouts of stress and reduce headaches.

The suggestion for use is to blend dried chamomile with two teaspoons of the flowers into two cups of boiling water, leaving it to infuse for as much as three minutes. You can then strain and sweeten to your liking. Many choose honey as their go-to.

** Lavender

Lavender is another herb used for hundreds of years as a natural herbal remedy for those who develop nervousness or anxiousness. One of the most common uses for this particular product is aromatherapy with essential oil. 

Studies indicate that massages using this substance not only reduce episodes of stress, but can induce positive mood changes. The herb has the capacity to decrease cortisol within the body, the infamous stress hormone common in general health conditions, including increasing weight.

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** Ashwagandha

The herb is an exceptionally rejuvenating example, helping the body’s systems handle not only physical bouts of stress and anxiety, but emotional conditions as well. Studies indicate the herb has exceptional benefits with lowering cortisol levels within the body, again the stress hormone responsible for specific general health concerns. 

These typically arise when a person is under extreme anxiety levels, causing other components to become unstable, including neurotransmitters and hormones, creating instances of unrest and depression. Continued use of Ashwagandha helps to decrease stress and create a state of mental calmness.

Using the substance, you can use the powder in warm milk at ½ teaspoon, which you would consume about 30 minutes before bedtime.

Final Thought

More people choose to avoid pharmaceuticals in their wellness and self-care routines to steer clear of added adverse effects. In some cases, these medications can increase anxiousness, produce episodes of depression, or bring on general health symptoms that weren’t existing before taking the substances.

No one wants to add to the problems they’re having, more so, eliminate the symptoms to the best of their ability with no resultant consequences. For centuries, people employed herbs and other natural substances like foods and beverages into their healing regimens for volumes of health concerns with significant success.  Go here for examples. That doesn’t mean these are a substitute for traditional medications, more so that they are beneficial when you’re experiencing a bad day.

Suppose you need to relax your body and calm your mind after an exceptionally stressful day of life episodes. In that case, generally, you can find a naturally healthy product that can help you through your anxiousness or nervousness to come to the point of peace. You ultimately rest and get a good night’s sleep in that state, so you wake refreshed and ready to start a new day. And at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all basically looking to find.

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