Why You Should Use eSign Genie for Real Estate Deals

Updated on June 19, 2022
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The world of real estate has dramatically changed as electronic signature are gaining momentum. Electronic signatures allow clients and realtors to sign a real estate listing agreement, offer, or contract on their computer or phone. What was once a long and tedious process is now a thing of the past as the “paperless” real estate transaction has become more wide-spread. No pen and paper needed. Clients can e-sign the required purchase, sales, and financing documents anywhere and on almost all devices.

Realevate Management Company says electronic signatures allow realtors to close deals and win offers faster than ever before. Real estate contracts and other paperwork are usually electronic these days. Real estate contracts and other paperwork are usually electronic these days. Utilizing software like eSign Genie to get the signatures and digital form-filling you need without using reams of paper is the logical next step! It saves time, money, and resources for buyers and sellers alike, as well as providing top tier security. The client can sign the document online in just a few minutes. This quick turnaround time can make a massive difference in the fast-paced world of real estate.

eSign Genie handles the whole process online, meaning it can happen anywhere, at any time, as is convenient to all parties.

The Legality of Electronic Signatures:

  • eSign Genie complies with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act 2000, as well as the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) 1999.
  • Signatures and documents through our service are just as legal and binding as paper counterparts throughout the United States and in many other countries.
  • The ESIGN Act names explicitly real estate transactions 

The Security of Electronic Signatures:

  • Digital Transaction Management (DTM) software makes sure you get high standard security.
  • eSign Genie is ISO Type II certified, meaning extra secure, according to the International Organization for Standardization (IOS) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)!
  • The e-signature tool heavily encrypts all documents
  • Only authorized parties may access, edit, and view reports.
  • E-signatures assure confidentiality, actively guard against tampering and offer a full audit trail.

As well, eSign Genie’s API can integrate with many popular tools such as Dropbox, Gmail, and more!

The Shift to e-signatures

Documents must be sent from one party to another and back again. It may take days or even weeks before all parties sign paper documents. Being able to sign from anywhere, any time, is useful in all businesses, but it’s especially advantageous in real estate.

Also, being trapped at a desktop is actively detrimental to your business! Being able to move around – and let your clients move around – while dealing with documents means quick service and improved customer experience.

Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures in Real Estate

Electronic signatures have proven to be a huge advantage in real estate transactions. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Speed: There are no delays to signatures. Contract signing that could take weeks now only takes a few minutes. All parties involved can safely access the documents from anywhere.
  • Accuracy and efficiency: As purchase agreements and closings are getting more complicated every year, having an increased layer of mandatory disclosures, regulations, title assurances, and various other documents, it’s easy for customers to miss a signature or an initial. The use of an e-signature software ensures that your document is not accidentally submitted without first being completed in full. This saves a lot of time and effort in chasing things up!
  • Lower costs: Expenses are low as there is no need for physical products. As well as paper, ink, and printer savings, you also save on envelopes, postage, mileage, and other shipping costs.
  • Secure document sharing: Real estate documents contain incredibly important and often sensitive information. Cyber-crime is a real threat in today’s world! However, eSign Genie can protect and encrypt a report, as well as help in any legal battles about its validity.
  • Record Retention – e-signing real estate documents eliminate the need for physical files.

Overall, e-signatures are the best way forward for real estate in general. They ensure security while lowering costs and providing extended validity. eSign Genie, in particular, supports you in all your real estate needs!

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