Why You May Need to See an Athletic Therapist

Updated on January 12, 2021

Whether you are an athlete professionally or as an amateur you will undoubtedly experience injures of some type during your career. Injuries to athletes are not uncommon as these are people who work their bodies hard in a particular discipline. Runners and cyclists, swimmers and players of football, rugby, tennis and even golf may be subject to injury at any time, and to many different parts of the body. The muscles can be damaged – this is a common problem – and ligaments torn, each of which requires a particular routine of therapy to repair.

Finding the right person to trust with your body is important to athletes. If you are a member of a sporting club you may find they have their own therapist that they can refer you to and this is sometimes the same with gyms, but you might want to find your own personal athletic therapist Winnipeg to whom you can make regular visits for treatment and perhaps other therapy. If you find someone you trust and who understands what you need then you are in very good hands.

What does an athletic therapist do, and why might it be wise to find one even if you are not injured? Let’s have a look at those questions in more detail.

What an Athletic Therapist Does

An athletic therapist is not just there to treat injuries to athletes yet that is a large part of the job. They may also provide routine treatments such as massage and other manipulations that help with movement and agility. You may visit a therapist if, for example, you pull muscles and need help getting back to normal, or if you think you simply need help with your fitness and advice on how to get to your prime.

An athletic therapist will have many patients who are active sportsmen and women who have suffered more serious injuries, perhaps undergone surgery, and now need to be guided through the physiotherapy routine that will put them back on the road to full fitness again. This is among the most common reasons for referral to a therapist, and it is may be essential to the ongoing career of some patients.

A fully trained, qualified and experienced athletic therapist will understand he way the body works, and also be able to recognise the particular areas of the body that need attention for particular patients. This is vital to the success of the treatment and will enable specialist therapy routines to be designed and suggested on an individual basis. Do you need an athletic therapist? Here’s how to find the right one to work with.

Finding an Athletic Therapist

You will be able to find a therapist offering this type of service in your local town or city by searching on the internet. We recommend you also ask around friends and family, as well as your sporting colleagues, for recommendations. If your club or gym has a recommended therapist, it is certainly wise to consider them as they will have been vetted by the club and engaged as per their ability. Check that they offer the services you require and are able to provide an initial consultation so the correct treatment routine can be devised.

You’ll find that chiropractic routines are among the many treatments available and this method of treatment is useful not just for sporting people but also for those who lead normal daily lives and may be in need of routine therapy. Start looking now and have a chat with your local athletic therapist about what they can do for you.

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