Why Use Private Label Supplements and What Your Best Options Are

Updated on June 24, 2021

Whether you intend to start a supplement business or you wish to own one, you might be considering the idea of private label supplements. Maybe you are not sure if the idea is right for you or you don’t understand the benefits this idea will provide your business. 

Private labeling is the best way to start and grow your supplement business and gain access to new market opportunities. There are many factors to consider when it’s time to start or grow your supplement business.

First, you must have a supplement formulation that requires a lengthy and costly research process. Then you have to market the product to gain consumer recognition and sales.

On the other hand, private labeling is far more efficient than trying to create your own version every time. Let’s dive in, and we’ll let you know why you should use private label supplements and the best options.   

  • Private labeling makes it Easy for You

Private labels often have ready-made supplements where you can choose various popular and easy-to-market products. Most of these supplements made by private labels have already passed all the required tests. 

This means that you don’t have to hire a research team to develop a new supplement as it is already done for you. There is quite a lot of work if you intend to create a custom supplement. These include researching ingredients, formulating, and having it approved, leave alone, marketing it to potential consumers. 

Instead of creating a custom supplement, why not try the private label supplements as they make the process easy for you? You can also try a contract softgel manufacturer who offers high quality, grade facilities in delivering high-quality custom supplemental formulations.

  • It is Relatively Cost-Effective

With private labeling, you don’t have to start with significant order quantities, which have two benefits. The low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is cost-effective if you start with a tight budget as you don’t have to order much. 

Another benefit is that you can safely order a few product samples to test in your preferred market before making large quantity orders. Private labeling, therefore, allows you to grow gradually with the rhythm of your consumer base and revenue. 

On the other hand, a custom supplement will require much upfront capital, and this is why you should consider private labeling. 

  • Products have Fast Turnaround Time with Private Labeling

Trying to create your own custom supplement means that you face many challenges with marketing, fulfilling orders, and ensuring you have sufficient inventory. This process is lengthy and can pose a challenge if you don’t have sufficient human resources. 

For example, you can get overwhelming orders from customers and lack enough inventories to fulfill them.

You are guaranteed to have your orders delivered on time with up to 72 hours maximum turnaround time with private labeling. It is essential to ensure that you select a private label manufacturer that keeps ready-made products in stock.  

  • Private Labeling is an Excellent Way to Expand your Product Line

Private labeling is an excellent idea if you already own custom supplement products and you intend to expand your product line. It is easy and cost-friendly to test a new product from a private label manufacturer instead of creating a custom supplement. 

For example, if you intend to introduce a new weight loss supplement, you can select a popular weight loss private label. You can then begin with making few orders from the manufacturer and increase the order quantity as the product gains momentum in the market.

This also allows you to maintain a positive brand image and reputation while providing professional packaged and good-looking supplements.

  • Private Labeling is the Easiest Way to Start a Supplement Business

Starting a supplement business can be challenging, especially if you have a low budget and experience. But with private label supplements, you have a chance to start your own supplement brand quickly and inexpensively.

As mentioned earlier, you can start by making small orders from your private label manufacturer as your product gains market momentum. It makes it easy for you to budget for marketing, promoting consumer awareness, and stocking inventory. 

What your Best Private Label Supplement Options are

Private label companies are experienced in their branded supplements that create health and wellness products. They range from pre-formulated and new formulations that are ready to market. 

With so many private label manufacturers, entrepreneurs who have not used them can find it challenging to choose the best for their venture. To make this easy, we have compiled a list of critical markers to look out for and select the best to partner with.

  • Vitalabs

Vitalabs is a private label manufacturer that has a variety of over 240 supplement formulations to select from. The manufacturer is inspected and certified by the FDA and other relevant dietary bodies.

Vitalab’s Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 48 supplement bottles per order with your own label. The manufacturer has no geographical shipping restrictions and even offers drop shipping options from their warehouse.  

Their turnaround time for delivering your order is 24 to 48 hours after placement making them one of the fastest among other private labels.

  • Reliance Vitamin

Reliance vitamins is another private label manufacturer that has over 450 supplement varieties to choose from. They require one to make a minimum order of $300 for private labels. 

Reliance Vitamins does not list on their website whether they allow dropshipping, nor do they have geographical shipping restrictions.

  • Vitajoy USA

Vitajoy USA is a leading private label supplement manufacturer with over 400 products to choose from. The company sells both finished products and raw materials, including herbal extracts and amino acids.

Buyers who wish to inquire about other services such as dropshipping and branding are advised to contact their customer service department. 

  • Vitamer

Vitamer is a Canadian private supplement label that owns vitamer laboratories which formulates and tests hundreds of products. The company is certified by USDA Organic and other nutritional regulation bodies. 

Their minimum order requirement is $1000 per order. Their website does not list whether they offer dropshipping services. However, you can contact their customer care for further inquiries about additional services. 

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